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1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

Chassis no. AR1495*0004
Engine no. 131540182
Coachbuilder Bertone


The Motor Show was a car and motorcycle exhibition (recognized by the OICA) held at the Bologna fair halls from 1976 to 2017, during the first ten days of December. It was conceived and built for the first time in 1976 by the Bolognese Mario Zodiaco, who intended to offer an alternative to the Turin and Geneva Motor Shows, which were not very interesting for young people and for women.

We'll tell the story of this event on the occasion of its anniversary or when it will reach a sufficient number of cars.

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1954 Ferrari 500 Mondial Spyder

  • Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Scaglietti/Pininfarina
  • Chassis n°: 0410MD
  • Engine n°: 0410MD

Mario Righini (IT)

1954 Pegaso Z-102 Cabriolet

  • Coachbuilder: Saoutchik
  • Chassis n°: 01021530136
  • Engine n°: 0120170136

Private collection

1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider

  • Coachbuilder: Bertone
  • Chassis n°: AR1495*0004
  • Engine n°: 131540182

Corrado Lopresto (IT)

1955 Ermini 357 Sport

  • Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Scaglietti
  • Chassis n°: 1555
  • Engine n°: Unknown

Private collection

1956 Porsche Spyder Type 550-1500 RS

  • Coachbuilder: Karosserie Wendler Reutlingen
  • Chassis n°: 550-0084
  • Engine n°: P90130

Private collection

1958 Maserati TIPO 420/M/58 Eldorado

  • Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Fantuzzi
  • Chassis n°: 4203
  • Engine n°: TBD


1959 Ferrari 250 GT Coupé

  • Coachbuilder: Pinin Farina
  • Chassis n°: 1403GT
  • Engine n°: TBD


1967 Ferrari 275 GTB4

  • Coachbuilder: Pininfarina
  • Chassis n°: 09573
  • Engine n°: TBD

Private collection

1968 Lancia Fulvia Zagato Spyder

  • Coachbuilder: Zagato
  • Chassis n°: 81833200119
  • Engine n°: 018911

Private collection

1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo

  • Coachbuilder: Bertone
  • Chassis n°: 1053375033109
  • Engine n°: TBD


1969 Porsche 911 S Sportwagen

  • Coachbuilder: Karmann
  • Chassis n°: 119301155
  • Engine n°: TBD

Private collection

1974 Lancia Strato's HF

  • Coachbuilder: Bertone
  • Chassis n°: 829AR0001512
  • Engine n°: 135C00-0008322

Private collection

1984 Chevrolet Corvette Ramarro

  • Coachbuilder: Bertone
  • Chassis n°: GIIAYO786E5100034
  • Engine n°: TBD