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1953 Fiat 8V ZAGATO

Chassis no. 106*000088*
Engine no. 104.000*000123
Coachbuilder Zagato


Gaudenzio Bono has dedicated his whole life to Fiat. After graduating in engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin in 1923 he was called after a few months by Fiat and spent the 1920s making a career in the Turin company. In 1931 he was appointed deputy director of the SPA brand (belonging to Fiat and specialized in the production of trucks), the following year he began teaching special automobile technology at the Polytechnic of Turin and in 1939 he became director of the SPA. In April 1945, at the end of the World War II, the National Liberation Committee ousted from Fiat Giovanni Agnelli and Vittorio Valletta and appointed a temporary management formed by people not compromised with fascism. Gaudenzio Bono was part of this group of directors. Together with Arnoldo Fogagnolo managed the connection between the old management represented by Valletta and the new one. In 1946 an agreement was signed to reinstate Valletta as president of Fiat and Bono was appointed general manager. In the 1950s Gaudenzio Bono, as Vittorio Valletta's right-hand man, helped make Fiat one of the most important companies in Europe. In 1955 he was appointed managing director and two years later he left teaching. In the mid-60s Bono was the main candidate to replace Valletta (who was approaching retirement) in the role of president Fiat. It was Valletta himself who announced it at an official meeting in 1964. In 1966, however, Gianni Agnelli decided to take over the reins of the family business and Gaudenzio Bono remained managing director and vice president of the Turin House until 1974.


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