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1953 Fiat 8V ZAGATO

Chassis no. 106*000088*
Engine no. 104.000*000123
Coachbuilder Zagato
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Current Chassis

From  17th March 1954

Chassis  106*000088*

Dampers  Telescopic Type

Drum Brakes  Front-Rear Hydraulic Operation

Front Suspension  Unequal double wishbones and coil springs

Chassis Frame  Tubular Frame

Rears Suspension  Unequal double wishbones and coil springs

Steering  Worm and sector

Steering: Hydraulic-assistance  N

Technical Specifications and History  Y

Online  Y - E' visibile

Wheel track front  1290 mm

Wheel track rear  1290 mm

Wheelbase  2400 mm


Current Engine

From  17th March 1954

Arrangement  V-Type

Bore  72 mm

Stroke  61 mm

Compression Ratio  8.5 : 1

Cooling System  Water Cooled

Cubic displacement  1996 cc

Cylinders  8

Electrical equipment amp/H  35

Electrical equipment Volt  12

Engine  104.000*000123

Engine Type  Front

Final drive  Hypoid type

Fuel System Carburettors type  Weber 36 DCF3

Fuel System Carburettors Number  2

Gearbox Number of forward speed  4

Gearbox Sychronized Speed  2nd, 3rd, 4th


Maximum power  115 hp

Maximum power  6000 rpm

Notes Engine  V-type 70 degree. Aluminum heads.

Technical Specifications and History  Y

Top speed  200 Km/h

Transmission Clutch  Dry single disc Hydraulic

Fuel Type  Petrol-Gasoline

Valves per cylinder  2

Valvetrain  Pushrod - OHV

Transmission Wheel drive  Rear wheel drive


Current Body

From  17th March 1954

Coachbuilder  Zagato

Colour  Red

Wheels type  Wire

Number of doors  2

Number of spare wheels  1

Number of wheels  4

Type of body  Fastback coupe

Tyres Front size  165 x 400

Tyres Rear size  165 x 400

Unladen weight  950 kg

Wheels Front size  5K x 15

Wheels Rear size  5K x 15


Current Interior

From  17th March 1954

Cockpit/panels  Others

Hand drive  LHD - Left Hand Drive

Number of seats  2