Dino is a car brand born in 1965, from an agreement between Ferrari and FIAT and active until 1980. Following the premature death of his son Dino, in his memory Enzo Ferrari wanted to add the name "Dino" to some racing models, equipped of the engine designed by his son. The Fiat-Ferrari collaboration followed, to recover the latter from a difficult moment; the construction of the common V-hexacylinder engine was followed by a planned presentation of road models, in order to be the center of attention in the most important international exhibitions. The Dino 246, also known as Ferrari Dino 246, is a mid-rear engine road car (evolution of the 206 GT model) built between 1969 and 1973; the abbreviation 246 indicated the displacement of 2.4 liters and the number of cylinders 6 with a V arrangement. This denomination, inherited from the previous 206, was also taken up by the subsequent 208 and 308 GT4. The 65° Dino V6 engine not only equipped the Dino 246 GT but also 3 other very famous cars of the period, the Lancia Stratos and Bertone's Fiat Dino Coupè and Pininfarina's Fiat Dino Spider, although these last two had the engine longitudinal position, while the Stratos in transverse position just like the Dino 246 GT.


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