Ivo Colucci (Livorno, 30 September 1914 - ...) was an Italian engineer and designer, creator of some Alfa Romeo models. After a period of apprenticeship as an engraver of religious relics, in 1932 he was hired by Alfa Romeo as a worker in the Portello body shop. Later in 1946 he became responsible and director of the body design department, also taking care of designing the pre-series prototypes of the cars before putting them into production. The first car he worked on was the Freccia Oro, before moving on to the Alfa Romeo 1900, where he took care of the design of the chassis and body, but above all of the engineering and assembly on the production lines. Later he was appointed head of the Style Office (later called Alfa Romeo style center) together with Scarnati. Later he moved on to the Giulietta project, to the Giulietta SZ and then at the beginning of the 1960s he took part in the design of the Giulia.


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