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1953 Fiat 8V

Chassis no. 106*000008*
Engine no. 000053
Coachbuilder Carrozzerie Speciali Fiat


Marino Brandoli, "Marino", has been attracted to the world of motors since he was a child. From the early age of 14 he collaborated with the major car manufacturers and later founded the "Scuderia Subalpina" with Count Luigi Della Chiesa and Baron Vittorio Mazzonis of Pralafera. In 1939 Marino moved to Turin and opened a workshop in Corso Peschiera beginning a series of collaborations with Fiat for development in the sports sector. In the immediate post-war period he collaborated in the development of the "Fiat 1100 Millemiglia" and participated in numerous competitions. Collaborated also with "Cisitalia" and with ing. Dante Giacosa on the D46 single-seater. In 1946 he created the famous "Testa Marino" both for tourism and Sport cars. As a racing driver he drove Cisitalia, Fiat, Osca, Lancia. In 1946, in order to participate to the "Gran Premio Nuvolari" he realized in three months a single-seater with a Maserati 1500 cc engine without blower mounted on Fiat 1100 suspensions and chassis: at the first race it ranked 3rd in class. In 1948 Marino and 18 other enthusiasts founded the "Racing Club 19" team, which had among its drivers some excellent names including: Alberto Ascari, Luigi and Piero Valenzano, Gino Munaron, Carlo Mario Abate, Ada Pace. In 1950 he created the "Berlinetta Fiat Marino" with a 750cc engine and in 1951 with a 1100 cc engine, in 1952 the "Barchetta 1100" and participated in numerous competitions. In 1954 he created the "Lancia Marino, both barchetta and Formula 1, designed by his friend Giovanni Michelotti, which standed out for design and construction skills, partecipating at the main events like the Mille Miglia. At the end of 1957 Marino decided to retire from the sports and began to collaborate in the field of automotive components innovation. In 1958 he founded a company to design and produce automotive safety components.


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