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1948 Ferrari 166 S

Chassis no. 005S
Engine no. 013S
Coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring
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Ferrari prototype exhibited at 1948 Turin Salon; it won the 1st Coppa Intereuropa in 1949. It's believed to be the first 2+2 and the oldest “road-going” Ferrari.

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no. 3 manufactured, no. 1 remaining, 3rd built

The Ferrari 166 - the number assigned to a Ferrari model traditionally corresponds to the capacity of each individual cylinder - was the direct evolution of the first 125 (fitted with a 60° V12) from 1947. The engine of that early car, designed by Gioacchino Colombo had first been transformed into a 159 and then with the 166, to reach the limit of the two litre class. All 166s sat on a dedicated chassis designed by Ferrari but produced by specialized Gilco in Italy. The 166 S was launched at the start of 1948 in both berlinetta and spider versions, both of which were built by Allemano. The berlinetta took victory in that year’s Mille Miglia, while the spider won the Giro di Sicilia.

Ferrari followed this success with a prototype for a production car called 166 Sport, a fixed-head body “road-going” version of the 166 Spider Corsa. In total three examples were constructed in the odd chassis number range 001S – 005S, the first two having Allemano bodywork, and the final one a coupe body by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan, built with the Superleggera system and fitted with the panoramic “Aerlux” roof. This latter car was shown at the 1948 Salone di Torino and won the 1st Coppa Intereuropa in Monza the following year with Count Antonio Sterzi of Milan as driver. It is believed to be the first Ferrari with a 2+2 seats scheme, the oldest “road-going” Ferrari in existence and the survivor of these small series. The car is obviously fitted with the famous 12-cylinder engine. The original engine number was unknown and now the car is fitted with unit no. 013S: the engine of 166 Inter Touring Coupé displayed at 1949 Geneva Motor Show.