It was Gianni Lancia, the son of the founder Vincenzo in 1953 at the inauguration of the Lancia stable to choose the elephant as a symbol in sports (such as the horse for the Ferrari), since in the oriental mythology the elephant with the protruding trunk is symbol of victory. Designed by Gianni Lancia in person, initially in blue, to represent all the sports cars of the past entered in the competitions, from series cars prepared for the races, to those made specifically for the races. Unfortunately, in 1955, following the financial collapse of the company and the death of Ascari, Lancia decided drastically to abandon the races and also the entire F1 racing team was sold to Ferrari. The initials HF, acronym for High Fidelity, appears instead for the first time in 1960 on the occasion of the foundation of the prestigious Club Hi.Fi. (you became a member only if you demonstrated - rightly - your brand loyalty and you had purchased at least 5 new Lancias over time). The club had nothing to do with sports, but it guaranteed many privileges including price list discounts on cars, spare parts and repairs, as well as invitations to exclusive events and gala shows. But in 1961 some members of the Hi.Fi. club succeeded in bringing to the competitions some cars such as Flaminia Coupé, Appia, Flaminia sport Zagato and Flavia coupé, partially supported by the parent company Lancia. Only in 1963 from a rib of the Hi.Fi. Club was born the sports section, much desired by the club's racing drivers, headed by Cesare Fiorio, shortening the name from the club Hi.Fi. to HF. The new racing team decides to take the symbol of the elephant in the spirit of the Lancia tradition of the 50s, adding the famous 4 red elephants galloping on the HF inscription. The HF brand with elephant becomes famous in the world, with the victories of Fulvia and Strato's. Thanks to the sporting successes of the latter, the HF brand is placed on the most sporty and great-looking series cars to create a great appeal.

We'll tell the story of Lancia Hi.Fi. on the occasion of its anniversary or when it will reach a sufficient number of cars.

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