The Fiat 500, commonly known as "Topolino", was manufactured by Fiat from 1936 to 1955. The Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world at the time of its production. Three models were produced until 1955, all with only minor mechanical and cosmetic changes. It all started from an idea of Benito Mussolini. In 1930, the Duce had called Senator of the Kingdom of Italy Giovanni Agnelli to inform him of the "absolute necessity" to motorize Italians with an economic car that did not exceed the cost of 5,000 lire. The task was put in the hands of 29 years old Dante Giacosa an aeronautical engineer who's career with FIAT started in 1928. His work would cover the mechanical content of the car - engine, transmission and chassis. Rudolfo Schaffer, FIAT's resident coachwork engineer was to design the body at the same time.

We'll tell the story of this model on the occasion of its anniversary or when it will reach a sufficient number of cars.

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