Automotive Masterpieces' Case Histories

Our approach: how research work can add value or discover things Result of a true "science of research", we show you a selection of discoveries made by Automotive Masterpieces that have brought out unknown facts.

December 23, 2016


STARTING POINTThe 1975 Lancia Strato's HF (Bertone), chassis no. 829AR0001683, is an important car with a marked sporting past, as it is an ex works car.RESEARCHThe fact of having a known story has not allowed us to take it lightly, on the contrary, to dispel any doubts, we have undertaken particularly tough and selective analyses; a careful check of the period photos and an identification of the [...]

October 3, 2016


STARTING POINTIt was believed that the 1948 Fiat Zanussi Fontebasso Sport (Carrozzeria Vendrame), chassis no. 5500748, had raced at least one Mille Miglia, the 1949 edition with race number 252.RESEARCHThe research, in this case, found itself faced with a delicate situation; after careful evaluations, in the absence of feedback, it was decided not to validate participation in the Mille Miglia. It [...]

August 5, 2016


STARTING POINTOf some cars, like the 1947 Fiat Stanguellini 1100 Berlinetta Special (Bertone), Chassis no. 290996 there is little prior information; of this one it was believed that it did not have a sporting past.RESEARCHOur research work in the archives has made it possible, against all evidence, to attribute at least one important sporting event to the history of the car: the attribution of [...]

June 23, 2016


STARTING POINTLooking back on the 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ (Zagato), chassis no. AR10511750018, few vintage photos seen in books were known.RESEARCHThe research and analysis work of the many vintage photos found in Italian and French archives, has produced different sets of images, divided by race, evolution of the livery, position of the license plate. Thus allowing a history of the various [...]

June 10, 2016


STARTING POINTThe 1947 AMP Special (Prete), chassis no. 1566, is one of the most characteristic examples of a "special", built in a single specimen with pieces from various sources, it is a car with many active races and numerous changes of ownership.RESEARCHThe purpose of our research, started in documentary and photographic archives with all the means available, from renewed and increasingly [...]

June 10, 2016


STARTING POINTResearch on the 1933 Fiat 508 Balilla Spyder Tipo Corsa, chassis no. 508016627, started from incorrect information: participation in the 1934 Mille Miglia with number 15 by Giuseppe GileraRESEARCHThe search for images of the Mille Miglia led to photos of a car with motorcycle-style mudguards rather than enveloping ones, as it is in the images in which it is portrayed with the number [...]

March 25, 2016


STARTING POINTOf the 1954 Fiat 1100 TV GT (Pinin Farina), chassis no. 103TV.045281, the participation in the 1955 Mille Miglia was known.RESEARCHThe research led to the discovery of an intense sporting activity of the car also in other races in 1954 and still others to be validated in the following years. This was possible thanks to various factors: the discovery and establishment of [...]