Automotive Masterpieces' Case Histories

Our approach: how research work can add value or discover things Result of a true "science of research", we show you a selection of discoveries made by Automotive Masterpieces that have brought out unknown facts.

July 12, 2018


STARTING POINTThe 1933 Siata 508 Sport, Chassis no. 508037255, was a car whose documentation lacked historical photos.RESEARCHDuring the research, images of the car were found, characterized by a typical Siata bodywork from the 60s to the 80s, with evidence of two events of the period: the 1st Nastro Azzurro del Tigullio, in 1963, and the 1st Rievocazione 1000 Miglia Padova-Roma-Padova, in 1970. [...]

June 19, 2018


STARTING POINTThat of the 1950 Giaur 750 Sport (Meccaniche Taraschi), chassis no. BT-006, is the case of a car whose sporting history was known.RESEARCHDespite knowing its sporting history, the participation of this specimen in the Mille Miglia was not known. The research has discovered and validated that this car participated with the famous racing driver Luigi Musso in the 1952 edition. Musso [...]

May 19, 2018


STARTING POINTOf the 1929 Zanussi Alfa Romeo 1100 Sport, chassis no. 0211463, despite being a known car and part of an important museum (Nicolis), there was an incorrect dating and genesis.RESEARCHThe investigation work on one-off cars, especially the so-called "etceterinis", is always delicate. The use of innovative techniques in research, such as the latest evolutions of the well-known OCR [...]

April 6, 2018


START POINTThe 1954 O.S.C.A. Foglietti Valentini MT4-2AD (Valentini), chassis no. 1144, is a car with a well-known history, with many races faced and changes of ownership.RESEARCHThe purpose of the research, especially photographic, was the careful validation of the races, with proof of participation, in order to arrive at a certified history. Not secondary was to establish the chronological [...]

April 6, 2018


STARTING POINTFrom the past of the 1939 Siata 1100 Coupé (Viberti), chassis no. 508C-238030, only photos taken in the 70s were known.RESEARCHResearch in the photographic archives has produced images of the car's early life, allowing us to see the shape of the original nose and appreciate its evolution.

April 3, 2018


STARTING POINTOf the 1950 Panhard Autocorse Gilco 750 Sport Spider (Carrozzeria Colli), chassis no. 306529, the sporting history and participation in the 1955 Mille Miglia, with barchetta bodywork, were known.RESEARCHThe research in this case was particularly complex (but exciting!), due to the incredible history of this car. But, following investigations and comparisons on various documentary, [...]

April 1, 2018


STARTING POINTThat of the 1960 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint Praho (Carrozzeria Touring), chassis no. AR10205*00001, is the case of a car with a well-known history.RESEARCHDuring our research, aimed at validating the known elements, an unknown detail emerged: in a rediscovered photo of the car exhibition at the 1960 Salone internazionale dell'Automobile di Torino, a sign appears on the right rear window [...]

March 20, 2018


STARTING POINTThe 1956 Porsche Spyder Type 550-1500 RS (Karosserie Wendler Reutlingen), chassis no. 550-0084, is a car with a well-known and documented history.RESEARCHCuriosity, combined with the know-how we have, has allowed us to find further images of the car in competitions, but above all it has led to the discovery of its participation in the 1956 movie Checkpoint, which shows the car with [...]

March 7, 2018


STARTING POINTThe 1969 Lancia Fulvia 1600 Competizione (Ghia), chassis no. 818540002279, had been exhibited at the 1969 Salon International de l'Auto de Geneve. This fact was known.RESEARCHThe life of prototypes and show cars is usually in the spotlight. In this case, the research brought to light a striking fact which should have been known to everyone but which, instead, had remained hidden: [...]

March 6, 2018


STARTING POINTThe 1985 Lancia Delta S4 Corsa (Abarth), chassis no. *ZLA038AR0*00000 207*, is an ex works car with an important and known racing past.RESEARCHThe car obviously had a known history, but this is not a guarantee; on the contrary, even if in full view of all, the most famous cars often fuel legends. An accurate validation work of the events was therefore necessary with a careful [...]

February 15, 2018


STARTING POINTOf the 1939 Fiat 508 CMM (Fratelli Savio), chassis no. 508CM*238700*, the existence of a sporting past was not known.RESEARCHOur research skill was particularly decisive, in this case, because it discovered and allowed the car to be attributed participation in the 1940 Mille Miglia and to define the list of owners and registration plates. In short, the work done was able to restore [...]

January 27, 2018


START POINTOf the 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint (Bertone), chassis no. AR1493*00094*, the participation in two Mille Miglia was known, in 1955 and 1956.RESEARCHOur research, always a careful analysis of sources and the use of comparison using digital tools, has led to two distinct results: one is the validation of participation in the 1955 Mille Miglia; as regards 1956, on the other hand, a [...]