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1948 Fiat 1100 S Stanguellini

Chassis no. 1100S*500053*
Engine no. 1100S*500069*
Coachbuilder Carrozzeria Motto
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26th October 1948
From 5th October 1948
to 3rd July 1951
Owner: Pier Augusto Barbasio (IT)
From 30th October 1948
to 5th July 1951
Plate: TO-89940
Country: IT
30th October 1948
1st interior
30th October 1948
1st and current engine no. 1100s*500069*
Manufacturer: C. STANGUELLINI (IT)
30th October 1948
1st body
Coachbuilder: Carrozzerie Speciali Fiat
Type: Fixhead coupe
30th October 1948
1st and current chassis no. 1100s*500053*
From 28th April 1951
to 29th April 1951
Event: XVIII Mille Miglia - Coppa Franco Mazzotti
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #253
Class: 1100 cc Sport
Driver: Adolfo Macchieraldo (IT)
Co-Driver: Egidio Campigotto (IT)
Results / Prizes: DNF
Time: Start: 2.53'00"- Brescia-Roma: ritirati
From 3rd July 1951
to 2nd July 1953
Owner: Carlo Succo (IT)
Purchase price: 20.000 Lire
Famous owner: Italian racing driver
From 5th July 1951
to 27th June 2019
Plate: TO-122988
Country: IT
1st January 1952
2nd interior
Seats: Brown
2nd and current body
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Motto
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Red
January 1952
Generic fact: There was ''1100 Sign.Chiariglione'' on the back of the photo - Villa Tesoriera di Torino
Press review: Unknown author, "Primi 120 Iscritti", La voce dell'automobilista , 1952, pp. 3
From 3rd May 1952
to 4th May 1952
Event: XIX Mille Miglia - Coppa Franco Mazzotti
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #257
Category / Group: Turismo Internazionale
Class: 1.500 cm3
Driver: Carlo Succo (IT)
Co-Driver: Reinaldi (IT)
Results / Prizes: DNF
Time: Start: 2.57'00"- Brescia-Roma: 8.47'38"- Brescia-Roma-Brescia: ritirati
3rd August 1952
Event: L'Aosta - Gran San Bernardo
Locality: Aosta (IT)
Class: Coppa Gran Turismo Internazionale
Driver: Carlo Succo (IT)
Results / Prizes: 9th CL
From 15th August 1952
to 30th August 1952
Press review: Unknown author, "In Una Combattuta Aosta-gran San Bernardo Palmieri Conquista L'assoluto Con La Ferrari", L'Auto Italiana , no. 15, 08-1952, pp. 67
From 2nd July 1953
to 21st January 1989
Owner: Antonietta De Spirlet (IT)
Purchase price: 30.000 Lire
From 21st January 1989
to 2000
Owner: Luciano Basso (IT)
Note: He sold the car before restoring it.
February 1989
Generic fact: Photos
October 1990
Bibliography: Orsini Luigi, Mille Miglia Una Corsa Italiana , Abiemme, n.p. 1990
July 1994
Bibliography: De Boer John, The Italian Car Registry - John Fulton De Boer , Unknown publisher, n.p. 1994
From 2000
to 2013
Owner: Giuseppe Pilone (IT)
Famous owner: Former motorcycle racer, brother of the best known Franco, Abarth and Porsche racer.
From 2001
to 2003
Restoration: Restoration of the car by the owner in his shed.
Bibliography: Anselmi Angelo, Mille Miglia Identikit , Le Edizioni Dell'opificio, n.p. 2003
Generic fact: Photos
From 2013
to June 2014
Owner: Luca Bertolero (IT)
Record: Photos
8th May 2014
Identification document: Registro FIAT Italiano n. 7409
From June 2014
to 23rd June 2015
Owner: Fiorenza Morellato (IT)
From 23rd October 2014
to 26th October 2014
Event: Auto e Moto d'Epoca
Locality: Padova (IT)
October 2014
Record: Photos engine
13th November 2014
Record: Letter from Stanguellini Spa engine #500069 tuning on chassis #500053 confirmation
Record: Photos
Record: Photos
February 2015
Record: Photos
May 2015
Record: Photos identification numbers
May 2015
Record: Photos engine
May 2015
21st May 2015
Record: Certificato di Rilevanza Storica e Collezionistica Autoveicoli e Derivati Registro Italiano FIAT
19th June 2015
Identification document: Carta di circolazione
From 23rd June 2015
to 19th January 2017
Owner: Gloria Mantovani (IT)
Note: Wife of the well-known collector Mauro Bonfante.
9th July 2015
Identification document: Certificato di proprietà
Generic fact: Offered for sale at Montecarlo Drive
From 19th January 2017
to currently
Owner: Private collection
4th April 2017
Identification document: FIVA n. 067490
6th April 2017
Identification document: Kentekenbewijs Registration Certificate
6th April 2017
Plate: OAZG665
Country: BE
From 18th May 2017
to 21st May 2017
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #179
Driver: Stefaan Bettens (BE)
Co-Driver: Charles Rolls (GB)
Results / Prizes: 306th OA
From 16th May 2018
to 19th May 2018
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #164
Category / Group: 3
Driver: Wim De Reu (BE)
Co-Driver: Filip Desseni (BE)
Results / Prizes: DNF
Note: Coeff 1.50
December 2018
Bibliography: Dolcini Carlo, Orizzonte Perduto Mille Miglia 1947-1956 , Ela, n.p. 2018
From April 2019
to July 2019
Restoration: Interior restoration and small engine interventions at Autofficina Manenti Cazzago San Martino (BS).
14th January 2020
Generic fact: Luciano Basso declares that during the restoration "the holes of some signal lights applied for the 24 hours of Le Mans were closed and that by removing the door panels perhaps there could still be traces."
14th January 2020
Generic fact: Giuseppe Pilone shows a piece of aluminum front fender replaced during the restoration and still in his shed. He also kept two images of the fresh restoration car.
July 2020
Generic fact: Photos
November 2020
Bibliography: Binelli Sandro, Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus Volume Ii , Automotive Masterpieces Srl, Genova 2020
Restoration: Interior restoration
March 2021
3rd and current interior
Seats: Black
25th March 2021
Identification document: Register Certificate Mille Miglia
From 15th November 2021
to 29th November 2021
Event: Automobili da collezione Finarte 2021
From 15th November 2021
to 29th November 2021
Bibliography: Unknown author, Finarte Automobili Da Collezione , Finarte Auctions S.r.l., n.p. 2021
June 2023
Bibliography: Binelli Sandro, Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus Volume Iii , Automotive Masterpieces Srl, Genova 2023