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1950 Aston Martin DB2 Saloon Vantage

Chassis no. LML/50/21
Engine no. LB6V/50/238
Coachbuilder Mulliners
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1st and current interior
Seats: Red
1st and current engine no. lb6v/50/238
Manufacturer: ASTON MARTIN, LTD (GB)
1st and current body
Coachbuilder: Aston Martin
Type: Roadster / Spider
Colour: Silver
1st and current chassis no. lml/50/21
Manufacturer: ASTON MARTIN, LTD (GB)
From 1950
to 1960
Owner: Briggs S. Cunningham (US)
Famous owner: 1907 - 2003, famous American Racing Driver, Race car Builder and Americas Cup winner in 1958 on Columbia
31st December 1950
Event: Sam Collier Memorial Sebring Grand Prix of Endurance Six Hours
Locality: Sebring (US)
Race number: #18
Driver: Briggs S. Cunningham (US)
Results / Prizes: 15th OA / 2nd CL
Note: 97 laps; 376.5 miles; in Class D; final handicap index .8981
March 1951
Press review: Unknown author, "Sam Collier Memorial G.p, 1st Sebring Airport Race And Alec Ulmann", Road and Track , 03-1951, pp. 1
March 1951
Press review: Unknown author, "Among The Prettiest Cars In The Race Was Briggs Cunningham 'aston Martin N.18 Which Averaged 56.6 Mph To Finish In 16th Place Tied With Bill Spears Aston Martin N.9", Motor Sport , no. 2, 03-1951, pp. 1
12th May 1951
Event: Giants Despair Hillclimb - Class 4
Locality: Wilkes-Barre (US)
Race number: #25
Driver: Briggs S. Cunningham (US)
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
Note: Class 4; Sports Category; time 1:18.4, 1st in Category
July 1951
Press review: Unknown author, "Tom Mc Cahill Road Test", Mechanix Illustrated , no. 7, 07-1951
From 1961
to 1971
Owner: E. Simmonson (US)
From 1972
to 1982
Owner: Steven Katzmann (US)
From 1983
to 1993
Owner: Stanley Sacharoff (US)
From 1990
to 31st December 1992
Restoration: Restored by W. Welzel. Advised by the Aston Martin autorithy Tom Barnard. Restored in Berlin
Event: Coy'S Festival
Locality: Silverstone (GB)
Event: John Wyer Memorial Meeting Hockenheim Ring
Locality: Hockenheim (DE)
Note: Pace Car
Event: Aston Martin DB2 Reunion
Locality: Silverstone (GB)
Event: J.W.M.M. Silverstone
Locality: Silverstone (GB)
Results / Prizes: 2nd OA
Event: Silverstone St. John Horsfall Trophy Race
Locality: Silverstone (GB)
Class: 3
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
From 2003
to 2008
Owner: Gregor H. Tilman (DE)
From 2008
to November 2010
1st January 2010
Record: Photo
Plate: AMG260
Country: US
Generic fact: Other photos
From November 2010
to currently
Owner: Private collection
1st November 2010
Identification document: FIVA Identity Card no.: 40605 - Categorized: A3 - ASN that issued the certificate: FSVA/CT/RT/S - Owner's country: Switzerland
November 2010
Plate: GR23
Country: CH
25th November 2010
Identification document: FIA
From 2nd September 2011
to 5th September 2011
Event: uniques special ones international concours
Locality: Firenze (IT)
Race number: #48
Driver: Marc M.K. Fischer (CH)
Co-Driver: La Fischer (CH)
From 17th May 2012
to 20th May 2012
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #160
Driver: Marc M.K. Fischer (CH)
Co-Driver: Philip Antscherl (CH)
Results / Prizes: 161st OA
November 2018
Bibliography: Binelli Sandro, Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus Volume I , Automotive Masterpieces Srl, Genova 2018
Press review: Unknown author, "Tom Mc Cahill On Sports Cars, The Top Ten Sports", Unknown , 2020, pp. 1