Mario Righini, an entrepreneur from Bologna, is one of the great Italian collectors of historic cars: the headquarters of his company Righini Demolizioni, which mainly deals with car scrapping and trading, is in Anzola, and overlooks the Via Emilia. His great passion for the recovery and restoration of ancient cars began at a young age while he saw the demolition of vehicles requisitioned by the state, promising himself that when he grew up he would keep as much as possible vintage cars and motorcycles that represent the history of engines in our village. Married, with two daughters and three grandchildren, two of whom follow in his grandfather's footsteps alongside him in the company, Mario Righini lives in a castle that once belonged to the Malvasia family in Panzano, a fraction of the municipality of Castelfranco Emilia, seat of his precious and prestigious collection of vehicles that touches a thousand pieces, including real jewels of international and Italian history.

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