Produced starting from 1949, the "500 C" was the 100th FIAT car model. To underline the important technical innovations, a remake of the bodywork of the "old" Mickey Mouse was decided to make it more modern. The front was modified by embedding the headlights in the fenders; the classic, typically pre-war, spare wheel on sight disappeared from the rear.

From a technical point of view, the cast iron was abandoned for the head, replaced with aluminum. To unify production, the "convertible saloon" version was made standard, while the saloon with sheet metal roof was available on request, with long waits.

In 1951 the "Giardiniera Legno" abandoned the wooden and hardboard sides, built by hand by the Special Bodywork Section, in favor of the "Belvedere", with new metal sheets made by pressing. The innovation brought great practical benefits and sales increased considerably. Production of the "Topolino Berlina" ceased in 1954, giving way to the Fiat 600, while that of the "Belvedere" continued throughout 1955.

We'll tell the story of this model on the occasion of its anniversary or when it will reach a sufficient number of cars.

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