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1948 Cisitalia 202 Corsa

Chassis no. 066
Engine no. 200MM
Coachbuilder Stabilimenti Farina
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From April 1948
to June 1948
Plate: PROVA TO3560
Country: IT
April 1948
Press review: Canestrini Giovanni, "Riflessi E Rilievi Del Giro Di Sicilia", Inter Auto - Auto, Moto, Avio , no. 4, 04-1948, pp. 19
April 1948
1st and current interior
April 1948
1st engine no. 206mm
April 1948
1st and current body
Coachbuilder: Pinin Farina
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Silver
April 1948
1st and current chassis no. 066
From April 1948
to June 1948
Famous owner: Italian car manufacturer
From 3rd April 1948
to 4th April 1948
Event: XXXII Targa Florio - VIII Giro di Sicilia
Locality: Palermo (IT)
Race number: #107
Category / Group: Sport
Class: 1100
Driver: Adolfo Macchieraldo (IT)
Co-Driver: Antonio Savio (IT)
Results / Prizes: 3rd OA / 2nd CL
6th April 1948
Press review: Unknown, "Sul Difficile Percorso Dell'ottavo Giro Della Sicilia Riprende Con La Targa Florio, In Confronto Di Macchine E Piloti", Giornale di Sicilia , 04-1948, pp. 1
15th April 1948
Press review: Lurani Giovanni, "Sull'aspro Giro Di Sicilia Risorge E Trionfa L'inobliata Targa Florio", L'Auto Italiana , no. 7, 04-1948, pp. 16
May 1948
2nd engine no. 200mm
2nd May 1948
Event: XV Mille Miglia - Coppa Franco Mazzotti
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #107
Category / Group: Sport
Class: 1100 Sport
Driver: Adolfo Macchieraldo (IT)
Co-Driver: Giacomo Castelli (IT)
Results / Prizes: DNF
Time: Start: 3.32'00"- Brescia-Roma: 6.41'14"- Brescia-Roma-Brescia: ritirati
From June 1948
to 1956
Owner: Unknown (FR)
Purchase price: It is believed that the car was blue
June 1948
3rd and current engine no. 207 mm
From 1956
to April 1957
Owner: William C. Wherrette (US)
From April 1957
to July 1959
Owner: Ronald H. Wheat (US)
Purchase price: 2.850 Dollars
Note: It was purchased by Ronald H. Wheat who removed the engine to have it rebuilt. He did not live long enough to see 066 run again, since he was killed on July 12, 1959 when his home-built hot rod lost control and jumped a curb killing a small child in the process. Immediately after hitting the child, the hot rod ran into the side of a house crashing into a brick chimney, and the car rolled over killing Ronal.
From July 1959
to 18th December 1959
Owner: Pete Lovely (US)
Note: Understandably Ronald’s parents were devastated and sold the car, without the engine, though Pete Lovely, a well-known racing car driver and owner of the “Sports Car Center” dealership in Fife, Washington.
18th December 1959
Plate: ATU548
Country: US
From December 1959
to 1985
Owner: Ralph Cox (US)
Note: Ralph D. Cox, a young engineer at Boeing in Seattle, purchased the engineless car and registered it in Washington on December 15, 1959 as “ATU 548.” Ralph managed to get 066 running again by installing an 1100cc Morris Minor engine, but the heavy iron block and transmission upset the balance of the car and it handled badly, and so it was put aside. He also had to remove the gas tank to make room for the engine and installed a tank on the rear floor behind the seats, which added to the further impracticality of using the car. Ralph moved to Oregon in the mid-1960’s to take a position at Tektronix in Beaverton, Oregon and the car fell into disrepair and sat out of doors for a period of time.
From 1985
to 1999
Owner: Edward Godshalk (US)
October 1990
Bibliography: Orsini Luigi, Mille Miglia Una Corsa Italiana , Abiemme, n.p. 1990
July 1994
Bibliography: De Boer John, The Italian Car Registry - John Fulton De Boer , Unknown publisher, n.p. 1994
From 1999
to currently
Owner: Private collection
Restoration: Restoration
Record: Photo
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December 2018
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Record: Photo
1st October 2020
Record: Chassis and Engine Numbers
November 2020
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