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1973 Autobianchi A112 Giovani

Chassis no. 99760
Engine no. 0003536
Coachbuilder Pininfarina
The car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1973. 

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The "Giovani" ("young people" in italian) by Pininfarina is the Turinese coachbuilder’s interpretation of the "dune-buggy", a category of small cars for the beach very much in vogue in the 70s. The project combines the search for a great cheapness of construction, achieved with simple lines and reduction of body parts, with a neat style, thought for a young public.
As a starting point Pininfarina chose a small and cheap chassis, that of the Autobianchi A112, a model very welcome from young people. The car debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1973 and in the intent of Pininfarina there would also be a possible production, but despite the success of the prototype, it doesn’t start.