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1934 Fiat 508 S Balilla Sport

Chassis no. 508S043481
Engine no. 044435
Coachbuilder Fiat
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From 19th May 1934
to 9th July 1935
Owner: Umberto Vernassa (IT)
Purchase price: 15.900 Lire
Famous owner: Italian racing driver
From 19th May 1934
to 26th March 1937
Plate: MI-49272
Country: IT
19th May 1934
1st interior
19th May 1934
1st engine no. 044435
19th May 1934
1st body
Coachbuilder: Fiat
Type: Roadster / Spider
19th May 1934
1st and current chassis no. 508s043481
14th April 1935
Event: IX Coppa delle Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #12
Class: Sino a 1100 cc
Driver: Umberto Vernassa (IT)
Co-Driver: Carlo Di Vecchio (IT)
Results / Prizes: DNF
From 9th July 1935
to 18th March 1937
Owner: Umberto Melotti (IT)
Purchase price: 6.000 Lire
From 18th March 1937
to 29th October 1938
Owner: Luigi Griffaldi (IT)
Purchase price: 15.000 Lire
From 26th March 1937
to 16th November 1938
Plate: UD-7877
Country: IT
From 29th October 1938
to 9th August 1939
Owner: Emilio Bertacchi (IT)
Purchase price: 10.000 Lire
From 16th November 1938
to 19th November 1945
Plate: RE-8470
Country: IT
From 9th August 1939
to 7th May 1940
Owner: Paolo Jori (IT)
From 7th May 1940
to 25th April 1942
Owner: Pietro Cavicchioni (IT)
Purchase price: 1.500 Lire
31st May 1941
Restoration: Installation of the new engine no. 7068450
From 25th April 1942
to 21st December 1942
Owner: Alfio Castagnetti (IT)
Purchase price: 1.510 Lire
22nd October 1942
Identification document: Libretto
From 21st December 1942
to 30th January 1946
Owner: Giuseppe Villa (IT)
Purchase price: 4.000 Lire
2nd and current interior
Seats: Black
2nd and current engine no. 7068450
2nd and current body
Coachbuilder: unknown
Type: Roadster / Spider
Colour: Red
From 19th November 1945
to 21st October 1952
Plate: MI-24208
Country: IT
From 30th January 1946
to 23rd October 1947
Owner: Federico Mira (IT)
From 23rd October 1947
to 25th November 1950
Owner: Oletto Montresor (IT)
23rd October 1947
Owner: Alessio Bonetti (IT)
From 25th November 1950
to 11th June 1952
Owner: Marcello Lombardi (IT)
From 11th June 1952
to 6th October 1952
Owner: Andrea Savio (IT)
From 6th October 1952
to 30th May 1953
Owner: Carina Milesi (IT)
From 21st October 1952
to 9th June 1953
Plate: CO-36833
Country: IT
From 30th May 1953
to 18th May 1976
Owner: Lidia Reina (IT)
From 9th June 1953
to 21st June 2013
Plate: MI-216506
Country: IT
From 18th May 1976
to 21st June 2013
Owner: Luca Fattori (IT)
Purchase price: 12.300 Lire
October 1990
Bibliography: Orsini Luigi, Mille Miglia Una Corsa Italiana , Abiemme, n.p. 1990
25th May 2013
Event: Bonhams Auction - The Spa Classic Sale
Locality: Stavelot (BE)
21st June 2013
Owner: Marc Eugene Lenert (LU)
21st June 2013
Identification document: Carta di circolazione
21st June 2013
Identification document: Certificato di Proprietà
From June 2013
to December 2016
Restoration: Restoration by Garage Kessler (Luxembourg) and Carrosserie Curridor (Luxembourg)
From 2013
to currently
Owner: Private collection
16th December 2016
Plate: 43481
Country: LU
28th December 2016
Identification document: FIVA Identify Card n. 064840 ; - Categorized B3 ; - ASN that issued the Certificate: Letzburger Oldtimer Federatioun ; - Owner's Country: Luxembourg.
Bibliography: Unknown author, 90 Mille Miglia - Numero Unico Catalogo 2017 , 1000 Miglia Srl, n.p. 2017
From 18th May 2017
to 21st May 2017
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #112
Driver: Marc Eugene Lenert (LU)
Co-Driver: Paul Welbes (LU)
Results / Prizes: DNF
11th November 2017
Event: La Nuit 1000 Miglia
Locality: Unknown city (LU)
Race number: #112
Driver: Marc Eugene Lenert (LU)
From 16th May 2018
to 19th May 2018
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #95
Category / Group: 2
Driver: Marc Eugene Lenert (LU)
Co-Driver: Paul Welbes (LU)
Results / Prizes: DNF
Note: Coeff 1.60
Record: Chassis and Engine Numbers
November 2020
Bibliography: Binelli Sandro, Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus Volume Ii , Automotive Masterpieces Srl, Genova 2020