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1954 Pegaso Z-102 Cabriolet

Chassis no. 01021530136
Engine no. 0120170136
Coachbuilder Saoutchik
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1st and current interior
Material: Leather
Seats: Blue
1st and current engine no. 0120170136
Manufacturer: PEGASO
Note: 90° V-type
1st body
Coachbuilder: Saoutchik
Type: Drophead coupe-Convertible
Colour: (Light) Ice Blue
1st and current chassis no. 01021530136
2nd March 1954
Press review: Unknown author, "Farina Trionfa Ad Agadir", La Stampa , no. 50, 03-1954, pp. 6
7th March 1954
Event: Prima Rassegna Mondiale della Carrozzeria
Locality: Sanremo (IT)
Race number: #61
Driver: Pierre Saoutchik (FR)
Co-Driver: Henriette Saoutchik (FR)
Note: Organised dy Automobile Club di Sanremo during a week dedicated to automobile (6 March - Raduno Internazionale della Fuori Serie, arrival Primo Rallye Automobilistico del Cinema
From April 1954
to May 1955
Owner: Pierre Saoutchik (FR)
Famous owner: Son of Jacques Saoutchik, founder of the famous French coachbuilder.
Generic fact: Other photos
From May 1955
to April 1956
Owner: Ignacio Llamas Pastor (ES)
From May 1955
to 1956
Plate: B104840
Country: ES
From 1956
to 31st October 2014
Plate: M129650
Country: ES
From April 1956
to 1957
Owner: Luciano Eliakin (ES)
Famous owner: Spanish racing driver
22nd April 1956
Event: Gran Premio Nacional Sport Barajas
Locality: Unknown city (IT)
Driver: Luciano Eliakin (ES)
Results / Prizes: DNS
Time: Qualifying time: 1' 33''
Note: Organised by the Real Automóvil Club da España at the Circuito del aeropuerto de Barajas.
From 1957
to 1979
Owner: Rafael Bernaldo De Quirós Y Pardo De Santayana (ES)
Famous owner: Count of Puebla del Maestro (Madrid)
Note: He converted the car to a berlinetta by fitting a top. The body has remained original, except for the retrofit of the top.
Generic fact: Other photos
2nd body
Coachbuilder: Saoutchik
Type: Fixhead coupe
Colour: dark tone
Generic fact: Other photos
From 1979
to 1989
Owner: Pedro Ruiz Cobos (ES)
Note: Pedro Ruiz Cobos painted it red and started the restoration including the engine without arriving at a conclusion
From 1989
to 2002
Owner: Patricio Chadwick (ES)
Note: It was acquired in the berlinetta version. After a long restoration Patricio Chadwick brought back the car into the second original series Saoutchik Cabriolet painted in blue metallic
3rd body
Coachbuilder: Saoutchik
Type: Drophead coupe-Convertible
Colour: Blue
From 2nd October 1993
to 10th October 1993
Event: Auto Retro Barcelona
Locality: Barcellona (ES)
October 1994
Generic fact: Other photos
4th body
Coachbuilder: Saoutchik
Type: Drophead coupe-Convertible
Colour: Metallic Blue
From 20th March 2001
to 4th June 2001
Event: Memory of a Mirage: The Pegaso Sports and Competition Cars of the Fifties
Locality: Barcellona (ES)
Note: Exposición CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona
From 2002
to 2004
Note: Rudy Pass owner Classic Car Asoociates
From 8th February 2002
to 17th February 2002
Event: Salon Retro Mobile
Locality: Unknown city (FR)
Note: Displayed at the Classic Car Associates of Rudy Pass stand
From 2004
to December 2013
Owner: Charles Chuck Swimmer (US)
Note: Founder of The San Diego Collection
Bibliography: Mosquera Carlos, Los Automoviles Pegaso Y Sus Protagonistas - I° E Ii° Volume , Unknown publisher, n.p. 2005
Bibliography: Laguna Mario, La Aventura Pegaso , Unknown publisher, n.p. 2006
September 2009
Event: Dana Point Concours d'Elegance
Locality: San Clemente (US)
Driver: Chuck Swimmer (US)
Generic fact: Other photos
March 2010
Generic fact: Other photos
20th June 2010
Event: Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance
Locality: Los Angeles (US)
Driver: Chuck Swimmer (US)
From 5th March 2011
to 16th October 2011
Event: Supercars: When Too Much Is Almost Enough
Locality: Los Angeles (US)
Note: Location: Petersen Automotive Museum
1st April 2012
Event: La Jolla Concours d'Elegance
Locality: San Diego (US)
Driver: Chuck Swimmer (US)
September 2012
Restoration: Photo chassis engine - mechanics
September 2012
Restoration: Photo body and assembly
16th September 2012
Event: Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance
Locality: Rancho Palos Verdes (US)
Race number: #211
Driver: Chuck Swimmer (US)
October 2012
Restoration: Photo electrical system
October 2012
Restoration: Photo chassis engine - mechanics
October 2012
Restoration: Photo body and assembly
October 2012
5th and current body
Coachbuilder: Saoutchik
Type: Drophead coupe-Convertible
Colour: (Light) Ice Blue
November 2012
Restoration: Photo Interiors
November 2012
Restoration: Photo body and assembly
9th March 2013
Event: RM Auctions - Amelia Island
Locality: Unknown city (US)
Note: Lot 176. Estimate $1,250,000 – $1,750,000. Not sold
From December 2013
to 31st October 2014
Owner: Dennis P. Nicotra (US)
Note: The car was under restoration since 2011. Mr. Nicotra then commissioned a thorough new restoration to meet his particularly high standards. The exacting work was carried out by noted Automotive Restorations, Inc. of Stratford, Connecticut, and overseen by Kent Bain and Charlie Webb with historian Peter Larsen providing consultation. Layers of paint were stripped from the body and the car was returned to the original shade of ice blue it wore when it first emerged from the Saoutchik atelier in Paris
7th February 2014
Event: Artcurial Motorcars - Retro Mobile Paris
Locality: Unknown city (FR)
Note: Lot 389. Estimate € 675.000 - € 1.000.000. Not sold
From 31st May 2014
to 1st June 2014
Event: Greenwich Concurs d'Elegance
Locality: Greenwich (GB)
Driver: Dennis P. Nicotra (US)
Co-Driver: Chris Nicotra (US)
Results / Prizes: Best International Touring Car
From 16th August 2014
to 17th August 2014
Event: Gooding & Company - Pebble Beach
Locality: Unknown city (US)
Note: Lot 28. Estimate: $900,000 - $1,400,000. Sold $990,000
From 31st October 2014
to currently
Owner: Private collection
1st November 2014
Plate: 538UYJ
Country: US
November 2014
Press review: Garriga Manuel, "Das Wunder Von Spanien", Octane , no. 11, 11-2014, pp. 56
7th November 2014
Identification document: UK Registration Certificate
December 2014
Restoration: Photo body and assembly
December 2014
Press review: Osborne Donald, "1954 Pegaso Z-102 Cabriolet", Keith Martin's - Sport Car Market , no. 12, 12-2014, pp. 60
From 3rd February 2015
to 8th February 2015
Event: Exposición de automóviles deportivos Pegaso
Locality: Unknown city (FR)
Note: Rétromobile
11th May 2015
Identification document: FIVA Identity Card no.: 60295 - Categorized: A3 - Owner's name: Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs - Owner's country: United Kingdom
From 22nd May 2015
to 24th May 2015
Event: Concorso Internazionale d'Eleganza di Villa d'Este
Locality: Cernobbio (IT)
Race number: #70
Driver: Fritz Kaiser (LU)
From 31st July 2015
to 2nd August 2015
Event: Schloss Dyck Classic Days
Locality: Jüchen (DE)
Driver: Fritz Kaiser (LU)
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
Note: Winner of the "Design Trophy" and "Best Prestine Masterpiece in Class"
Bibliography: Unknown author, The Classiccar Trust - The Icons And Legends - The Kaiser Collection , Unknown publisher, n.p. 2016
From 15th July 2016
to 17th July 2016
Event: Alla Corte dei Medici
Locality: Firenze (IT)
From 3rd December 2016
to 11th December 2016
Event: Bologna Motor Show
Locality: Bologna (IT)