Oscar Montabone, engineer, born in Turin in 1913. He joined Fiat in 1937, at the Aviation Engine Office and, in 1946, moved to the car design office, where he then took on the position of deputy director. From 1956 to 1962 he was director of the technical center of Simca in Argenteuil. In 1962 he was an engineer applied to the Fiat general management, for the coordination and development of vehicle design. In 1965 he was appointed co-director of Fiat's automotive projects and studies department, in 1970 deputy general manager and in 1972 head of the central research department. In 1975 he ceases active service, but continues to work as a consultant for the Fiat group. He is president of CUNA (Technical Commission for unification in motor vehicles), of SASN (Experimental Autopiste Company of Nardò) and of FEEMAS (Research Group on Air Pollution, composed of Fiat, Eni, Esso, Mobil, Alfa Romeo). He died in 1986.

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