It was an automotive car race whose first edition was disputed in 1901 (from Turin), with the name of the Giro d'Italia in automobile. The name of "Giro automobilistico d'Italia" appeared at the beginning of 1934 when it was publicized the first edition organized by RACI (Reale Automobile Club d'Italia); shortly before the race, in May of that year, its name was changed to Coppa d'Oro del Littorio. Back in 1954 it was used the term "Giro automobilistico d'Italia", in this case defined as the first edition of the race, for a competition organized by Gazzetta dello Sport. In 1973, a new Giro automobilistico d'Italia was organized by the Automobile Club of Torino, inspired by the original race. It was one of the competitions most complete then existing, since it included regularity trials on roads open to traffic, speed tests on roads closed to traffic, testing rally and speed circuit.

We'll tell the story of this event on the occasion of its anniversary.

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