Franco Bertani raced mainly a 1938 FIAT 1100 Special, prepared by Stanguellini with body by Torricelli, leaving very soon the 1500 voiturette class. This excellent driver-car pairing was hugely successful in the hard fought 1100 class in Italian racing from 1938 to 1947. Their more important victory was at the Belgian GP for sports cars on June 16th 1946. He was a very good driver who never had the chance of, or was not interested in, moving to higher classes in racing. In fact he was a solicitor in a big law firm owned by his family in Reggio Emilia. Always very close to Vittorio Stanguellini, he acted as his counselor for many years after he quit racing. He was also behind the short lived project of Ala d'Oro, a racing bodyshop in Reggio Emilia in the late 40s. To everybody's surprise he appeared at the wheel of his everyday Alfa Romeo 1900 TI during 1954, entering several Italian races and thereby showing that the old fire was not quenched at all, getting very close to yet another Italian Italian class Championship.

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