A Tribute to Franco Mazzotti, founder of 1000 Miglia

October 12, 2015

Franco Mazzotti, just twenty-two years old in 1926, was urged by his father to get involved in the various initiatives that would eventually prepare him for his role in the numerous financial and industrial activities; his pragmatism and charismatic nature made him standout as the group's leader.
"Franco, having recently returned from the United States, was still feeling the enormous diffusive effect of automobile racing in the life overseas, and with his young enthusiasm seemed taken over by an idea: to do the same in Italy, something that would draw the public in. A race that would attract the huge number of fans that he had seen on American tracks", writes Canestrini.
Canestrini, tinged with a hint of ill-conceived irony, narrates how a group of Brescians arrived to his home in Milan on Via Bonaventura Cavalieri, which included Franco Mazzotti, Aymo Maggi, Renzo Castagnet, (the other three musketeers). The rest of the story is history, until Franco Mazzotti declares the words: "Mille Miglia Cup".
The Coppa Franco Mazzotti was wanted by the Club Franco Mazzotti to honor and remind one of the four musketeers founders of the Mille Miglia.
After six previous editions, in 2015 the Coppa Franco Mazzotti presented itself as classic regularity race, technically challenging for competitors under the 71 time trials, two medium tests and 5 Time Controls, distributed in 142 km of the tormented path between Brescia and Franciacorta.
The winners of the 2015 edition are Giovanni Moceri, pediatrician from Palermo, and Brescian journalist Daniele Bonetti with a Fiat 508 C 1939.

Several AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES participated in this race: the Jaguar Biondetti, a Aston Martin 2000 Speed Model, the Riley Sprite prototype, the Gilco Mariani 1100 Sport, the Laureati 1100 Sport, among others.
Three cars entered the event were already counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES:

♦️ 1926 Amilcar CGSS sn: 41097

♦️ 1933 Fiat 505 Spyder tipo corsa sn: 508016627

♦️ 1948 Fiat Zanussi Fontebasso Sport sn: 5500748