Rétromobile pays tribute to Cité de l’Automobile and Lopresto collection: 13 cars that have joined our lab will be on display.

January 29, 2015

For the first time ever, the Cité de l’Automobile in Mulhouse is presenting the three Bugatti Royales at Rétromobile.

The biggest, the most beautiful, the most extraordinary, the most fabulous cars…. none of these superlatives can describe the thrill of the Bugatti Royales.

Ettore Bugatti wanted to build a car fit for a king…and he did so, although no king ever bought one.

Despite its huge size (6.5 metres long) and  its weight (3 tons), the Royale manages to be sublime and elegant. The 8 cylinder inline engine is a work of art in its own right. This « polished metal monolith » with a capacity of 12.76 litres  churns out 250 horsepower. Its enormous drivetrain quickly takes the Royale  to speeds in excess of 150 kph.

The three Bugatti Royales:


- the first is the 1929 Bugatti Type 41 Coupé Napoleon sn: 41100

This AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECE has joined the lab! 

The Coupé Napoléon was Ettore Bugatti’s own car. Its outstanding outline is the work of Jean Bugatti, Ettore’s son.

Discover it on AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES exhibitions lab!


- the second is the 1932 Bugatti Type 41 Esders Replica Industrialist Armand Esders ordered a Royale chassis in 1932 and Jean Bugatti designed a stunning two-seater roadster with a length of 6.5 metres. The car was simply sublime. This Royale was then sold and its new owner changed the bodywork, replacing it with a Binder body making it into a very classic-looking chauffeur coupé. The Schlumpf brothers so liked the original Dr Armand Esders coupe body on chassis 41.111, using original Bugatti parts they had a replica made of the car.


 - the third is the 1933 Bugatti Type 41 Limousine Park Ward sn: 41131

Delivered in England in 1933, the huge chassis was fitted with bodywork by Park Ward, creating an understated but extremely sleek and elegant limousine.


Milanese architect and property developer Corrado Lopresto has spent his life tracking down and collecting prototypes and cars with unique coachwork. Since the age of 16, his passion for Italian auto design has enabled him to build up the only collection of its kind in the world.

Whereas auto enthusiasts tend to focus on great classic cars, Corrado Lopresto is interested in coachbuilders and designers. He feels that behind each prototype there’s a real person, and he makes it a point of honour to supervise the restoration of his precious cars, taking care to preserve as many original features as possible so as to respect the spirit of the designer.

Retromobile pays tribute to Lopresto, presenting a dozen cars from his collection that has earned over 180 awards in the most prestigious Concours d'Elégance (Pebble Beach, Villa d'Este, Amelia Island, Goodwood and Chantilly).

Among the jewels on show from the golden age of Italian coachwork will be:


1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS sn 10814331


1942 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Coupé (Bertone) sn 915516


1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Coupé (Pinin Farina) sn 915769


1952 Lancia Aurelia 2000 Coupé sn B52-1072


1955 Lancia Florida sn B56S-1006


1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider (Bertone) sn AR1495*0004


1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider (Pinin Farina) sn AR1495*0007


1960 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint Praho sn AR10205*00001


1961 O.S.C.A. 1600 GT sn 0014


1963 Lancia Flaminia 3C Speciale sn 826138001167


1976 Autobianchi A112 Giovani sn 99760


1978 Lancia Sibilo sn S12201


During the exhibition visitors and journalists will be able to discover the history of these exceptional cars by visiting their website by reading the QR code to the side of each car.


1929 Bugatti Type 41 Royale Coupé Napoleon

  • Coachbuilder: Bugatti
  • Chassis n°: 41100
  • Engine n°: 41141

The Royale is an Automotive Masterpiece par excellence. Coupè Napoleon was designed by Jean Bugatti. For years it was the private car of Ettore Bugatti himself.


1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport

  • Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Aprile Savona
  • Chassis n°: 6C 10814331
  • Engine n°: 10814331

6C 1750 GS born with body by Zagato; in 1938 Carrozzeria Aprile changed it with an aerodynamic shape designed by Revelli di Beaumont. The car raced in the 30s.

Corrado Lopresto (IT)

1942 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport Coupé

  • Coachbuilder: Bertone
  • Chassis n°: 915516
  • Engine n°: SS923616

One-off car designed by Mario Revelli di Beaumont for Bertone. One of the cars of Scuderia Automobilistica Milan. A queen in concourse d'elegance for its lines.

Corrado Lopresto (IT)

1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport Coupé

  • Coachbuilder: Pinin Farina
  • Chassis n°: 915769
  • Engine n°: SS923793

Built on the SS short chassis with a Pinin Farina body, this one-off coupé it is believed to be one of the first cars featuring the twin headlamp configuration.

Corrado Lopresto (IT)

1952 Lancia Aurelia 2000 Coupé

  • Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Alfredo Vignale & C.
  • Chassis n°: B52-1072
  • Engine n°: B21-4496

A one-off Lancia Aurelia B52 bodied by Vignale and designed by Giovanni Michelotti. Long and detailed restoration have made it a star in concourses d'elegance.

Corrado Lopresto (IT)