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1947 Fiat 1100

Chassis no. 1100*293098*
Engine no. 108C 328166
Coachbuilder Fiat
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19th December 1947
1st and current interior
Material: Cloth
Seats: Beige
19th December 1947
1st and current engine no. 108c 328166
Manufacturer: FIAT S.P.A. (IT)
19th December 1947
1st and current body
Coachbuilder: Fiat
Type: Four-door saloon
Colour: Black
19th December 1947
1st and current chassis no. 1100*293098*
Manufacturer: FIAT S.P.A. (IT)
From 17th January 1948
to 13th December 1957
Plate: MI-110267
Country: IT
From 20th January 1948
to 3rd September 1949
Famous owner: Luigi Zaini founder of the homonymous “Factory of Chocolate, Cocoa, Candies, Jams and Similar” in Milan (Italy)
24th April 1949
Event: XVI Mille Miglia - Coppa Franco Mazzotti
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #203
Category / Group: Turismo
Class: 1.100 cc
Driver: Pietro Zaini (IT)
Co-Driver: Pietro Moscatelli (IT)
Results / Prizes: 120th OA / 37th CL
Time: Start: 2.03'00"- Brescia-Roma: 7.47'23"- Brescia-Roma-Brescia: 18.20'13"
From 3rd September 1949
to 13th December 1957
Owner: Luigia Fusari Imperatore (IT)
From 13th December 1957
to 12th February 1963
Owner: Carlo Ruffo (IT)
From 4th January 1958
to 12th February 1963
Plate: VR-54861
Country: IT
From 12th February 1963
to 2017
Owner: Unknown
Bibliography: Anselmi Angelo, Mille Miglia Identikit , Le Edizioni Dell'opificio, n.p. 2003
From 2017
to 6th July 2019
Owner: Alessandro Bruni (IT)
From 25th October 2018
to 28th October 2018
Event: Auto e Moto d'Epoca
Locality: Padova (IT)
6th November 2018
Identification document: Fiche di Regolarità Auto Storica
December 2018
Bibliography: Dolcini Carlo, Orizzonte Perduto Mille Miglia 1947-1956 , Ela, n.p. 2018
From 5th July 2019
to 21st December 2023
Owner: Julian Ellison (GB)
August 2019
Plate: MI110267
Country: GB
30th August 2019
Identification document: FIVA Identify card n.087512; ASN that issued the certificate Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs; Owner's Country UK
September 2019
Record: Car Photo
From 22nd October 2020
to 25th October 2020
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #122
Driver: Julian Ellison (GB)
Co-Driver: Mark Culley (GB)
Results / Prizes: 284th OA
13th April 2022
Record: Chassis and Engine Numbers
June 2022
Plate: LXS773
Country: GB
13th June 2022
Generic fact: Photoshoot of the car in front of the company of the first owner Zaini with his nephew.
From 15th June 2022
to 18th June 2022
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #136
Driver: Julian Ellison (GB)
Co-Driver: Mark Culley (GB)
Results / Prizes: 191st OA
June 2023
Bibliography: Binelli Sandro, Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus Volume Iii , Automotive Masterpieces Srl, Genova 2023
From 21st December 2023
to currently
Owner: Private collection