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1952 Porsche 356 1500 Super

Chassis no. 11361
Engine no. 30240
Coachbuilder Stuttgarter Karosseriewerk Reutter
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26th June 1952
26th June 1952
1st and current chassis no. 11361
26th June 1952
1st and current engine no. 30240
26th June 1952
1st and current interior
From 26th June 1952
to 11th November 1955
Plate: BA-25080
Country: IT
From 28th June 1952
to 2nd November 1955
Owner: Italo Sancilio (IT)
Purchase price: 2.900.000 Lire
Famous owner: Italian racing driver
From 25th April 1953
to 26th April 1953
Event: XX Mille Miglia - Coppa Franco Mazzotti
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #430
Category / Group: Sport
Class: 2000 cc
Driver: Italo Sancilio (IT)
Co-Driver: Fritz Esslinger (DE)
Results / Prizes: DNF
From 2nd November 1955
to 7th November 1957
Owner: Franco Leone (IT)
Purchase price: 50.000 Lire
From 11th November 1955
to 31st July 1959
Plate: NA-99086
Country: IT
From 7th November 1957
to 17th July 1959
Owner: Arturo Motta (IT)
From 17th July 1959
to 4th July 1963
Owner: Gabriele Della Vedova (IT)
From 31st July 1959
to 17th July 1963
Plate: TR-17052
Country: IT
From 4th July 1963
to 27th February 1964
Owner: Aldo Belfiore (IT)
Purchase price: 500.000 Lire
From 17th July 1963
to 19th October 1971
Plate: ROMA-644349
Country: IT
From 27th February 1964
to 5th July 1967
Owner: Giorgio Romano (IT)
Purchase price: 650.000 Lire
From 5th July 1967
to 8th August 1969
Owner: Renato Sassetti (IT)
From 8th August 1969
to 13th October 1971
Owner: Mauro Micacchi (IT)
Purchase price: 100.000 Lire
13th October 1971
Owner: Roberto Calò (IT)
From December 1971
to 2018
October 1990
Bibliography: Orsini Luigi, Mille Miglia Una Corsa Italiana , Abiemme, n.p. 1990
Bibliography: Curami Andrea, Porsche & Mille Miglia , Giorgio Nada Editore S.r.l., n.p. 2004
From 2018
to currently
Owner: Private collection
December 2018
Bibliography: Dolcini Carlo, Orizzonte Perduto Mille Miglia 1947-1956 , Ela, n.p. 2018
Plate: FV195GM
Country: IT
From 15th May 2019
to 18th May 2019
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #198
Driver: Stefano Brendolan (IT)
Co-Driver: Marco Corbetta (IT)
Results / Prizes: 122nd OA
From 22nd October 2020
to 25th October 2020
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #187
Driver: Stefano Brendolan (IT)
Co-Driver: Marco Corbetta (IT)
Results / Prizes: 66th OA
November 2020
Bibliography: Binelli Sandro, Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus Volume Ii , Automotive Masterpieces Srl, Genova 2020
26th June 2021
1st and current body
Coachbuilder: Stuttgarter Karosseriewerk Reutter
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Silver