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1960 Aston Martin DB4 Saloon

Chassis no. DB4242L
Engine no. 370229
Coachbuilder Tickford
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2nd February 1960
Identification document: Vehicle registration
25th February 1960
1st engine no. 370229
Manufacturer: ASTON MARTIN, LTD (GB)
Note: This engine has been replaced because it had a loss of oil pressure when it warmed up. (Original engine preserved with the car)
From 26th February 1960
to 7th November 1971
Owner: Marchesa Giovanna Gerini Carrega (IT)
Famous owner: Marchesa Giovanna Gerini was the daughter of the Italian Marchese Carlo Gerini.
Note: The Marchesa (or her family) also estabilished herself in Brazil at some point, which explains the address given in the sales contract with Aston Martin "Venida Sumare 780, Sao Paolo, Brasile", while the DB4 was delivered to her in Italy by agent Bryde Giacosa. The contract states by error the name as "Gernini" instead of the correct name "Gerini".
26th February 1960
1st interior
Seats: White
26th February 1960
1st body
Coachbuilder: Tickford
Colour: Black
26th February 1960
1st and current chassis no. db4242l
From 8th November 1971
to 1994
Owner: Peter Businger (CH)
Purchase price: 7500 Fr.
Note: The Marchesa donated the car to the Red Cross. Then, The car was sold in an auction organized by the Red Cross itself in the Bundesplatz of Bern.
2nd interior
Seats: Brown
2nd body
Coachbuilder: Tickford
Colour: Dark Blue
2nd and current engine no. 370229
Manufacturer: ASTON MARTIN, LTD (GB)
Note: The engine was designed by Tadek Marek, a Polish engineer and racing driver. Aluminium engine block and head.
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From 1994
to 1996
Owner: Michael Erlich (CH)
From 1996
to 2015
Owner: Rolf Biedermann (CH)
Bibliography: De Romanis Giorgio, Il Marchese Della Notte , Unknown publisher, Roma 2014
From 2015
to currently
Owner: Private collection
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Plate: ZH23556
Country: CH
Restoration: Photo body and assembly
January 2016
3rd and current interior
Material: Leather
Seats: White
January 2016
3rd and current body
Coachbuilder: Tickford
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Black
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Generic fact: Other photos
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22nd April 2018
Event: Lions in Classic
Locality: Lione (FR)
Race number: #14
From 22nd August 2018
to 23rd August 2018
Event: Zurich Classic Car Award
Locality: Zurigo (CH)