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1949 Ferrari 166 Panoramica Sanction II

Chassis no. 0061S
Engine no. TBD
Coachbuilder Zagato
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18th October 1950
Owner: Alfredo Rosso (IT)
18th October 1950
1st and current chassis no. 0061s
18th October 1950
1st body
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Alfredo Vignale & C.
18th October 1950
1st and current engine no. tbd
Manufacturer: FERRARI S.P.A (IT)
Note: Colombo 60° V-type
18th October 1950
1st interior
From 2000
to 2016
Owner: Emilio Gnutti (IT)
Famous owner: Entrepreneur, manager and collector
2nd and current body
Coachbuilder: Zagato
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Red
2nd and current interior
Seats: Brown
Generic fact: Other photos
Bibliography: Zagato Andrea, Zagato Milano 1919-2009 , Giorgio Nada Editore S.r.l., n.p. 2009
From 26th February 2010
to 1st March 2010
Event: Salone del Lusso
Locality: Verona (IT)
From 25th November 2010
to 28th November 2010
Event: Milano AutoClassica
Locality: Milano (IT)
Record: 3D
From 2016
to currently
Owner: Private collection
From 3rd December 2016
to 11th December 2016
Event: Bologna Motor Show
Locality: Bologna (IT)
Note: Stand Automotive Masterpieces
From 5th May 2017
to 7th January 2018
Event: 90 anni, 1000 Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Note: Museo Mille Miglia
From 20th October 2022
to 23rd October 2022
Event: Auto e Moto d'Epoca Fiera di Padova
Locality: Padova (IT)
Plate: PROVA BS16
Country: Unknown nationality