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1927 Lancia Lambda Spider 7a serie tipo corto

Chassis no. 15725
Engine no. 5811
Coachbuilder Carrozzeria Casaro
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Tagging through “the TAG - Global Automotive Tagging®”: each tag links to further web pages that groups the listed cars together according to a given set of topics or category. As a result, the Exhibitions Lab becomes the channel through which listings drawn up by Automotive Masterpieces multiply into thousands and become easy to consult.

Marque, Basic model

Topics defining a basic model as basic, with the specifications common to all the models that have that base. From the people who built it, conceived it, designed it, to the generic model name, to the brand name.

#quarello #LanciaLambda #LuigiGismondi #scacchi #AugustoCantarini #PrimitivoRocco #BattistaGiuseppeFalchetto #VincenzoLancia #lancia

Marque, Specific model

Topics defining a specific model, with all the specifications that characterize that peculiar model. Sub-brands, coach-builders, designers, specialists, sub-models or genres are part of it.

#RomagnoniAndPirotta #MarioCasaro #CarrozzeriaCasaro


The generic TAGs deal with grouping a series of disparate characteristics, such as: the period of construction, the style, the category for which the car is eligible, the type of bodywork and so on.

#PrewarCars #SportsCars #TheLimitedEditionCars #TheRoadstersAndSpiders

Events & Related

All the items useful to define an event in which the car in question participated, from the name of the event itself, to the edition, to circuits, to the drivers and co-drivers, to the teams involved

#LanciaMotorClubEssexMeeting #MilleMigliaRievocazioni #VSCCDrivingTesthHeston