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1971 Piper GTT P2

Chassis no. 127167K
Engine no. TBD
Coachbuilder Piper
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Tagging through “the TAG - Global Automotive Tagging®”: each tag links to further web pages that groups the listed cars together according to a given set of topics or category. As a result, the Exhibitions Lab becomes the channel through which listings drawn up by Automotive Masterpieces multiply into thousands and become easy to consult.

Marque, Specific model

Topics defining a specific model, with all the specifications that characterize that peculiar model. Sub-brands, coach-builders, designers, specialists, sub-models or genres are part of it.

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The generic TAGs deal with grouping a series of disparate characteristics, such as: the period of construction, the style, the category for which the car is eligible, the type of bodywork and so on.

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