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1929 Lancia Lambda Spider 8a serie tipo corto

Chassis no. 20483
Engine no. 10212
Coachbuilder Carrozzeria Casaro


Current Chassis

Chassis  20483

Chassis Frame  Unibody

Front Suspension  Indipendent Torsion Bars

Rears Suspension  Live axle with leafsprings

Dampers  Telescopic Type

Drum Brakes  Front-Rear Mechanical Operation

Steering: Hydraulic-assistance  N

Fuel tank capacity   68 litre

Wheelbase   3100 mm

Wheel track front   1330 mm

Wheel track rear   1400 mm


Current Engine

Engine  10212

Manufacturer  LANCIA SPA

Engine Type  Front

Cylinders  4

Arrangement  V-Type

Notes  Type: 79

Cubic displacement   2569 cc

Valves per cylinder  2

Fuel Type  Petrol-Gasoline

Compression ratio  5.15 : 1

Maximum power   70 hp

Top speed  120 Km/h

Top speed (unit of measure)  Km/h

Electrical equipment   6 Volt

Cooling System  Water Cooled

Transmission Wheel drive  Rear wheel drive

Compression ratio  5.15 : 1

Top speed  120 Km/h

Top speed  120 Km/h


Current Body

Coachbuilder  Carrozzeria Casaro

Type of body  Roadster / Spider

Number of doors  2

Wheels Front size  1330

Wheels Rear size  1400

Lenghth   4300 mm

Width   1680 mm

Height   1650 mm

Unladen weight   925 kg

Colour  Dark\Light Blue