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1962 Abarth Simca 1300

Chassis no. 130S/0050
Engine no. 23038
Coachbuilder Abarth
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From 1962
to 4th November 1963
Note: Personal car of Mr. Missaglia (owner of Abarth Trieste dealer (used with test plate). Original color: red
1st and current interior
Seats: Black
1st and current engine no. 23038
Manufacturer: ABARTH & C. SPA
Note: type: 230S
1st body
Coachbuilder: Abarth
Colour: Red
1st and current chassis no. 130s/0050
From 5th November 1963
to 28th September 1965
Owner: Sergio Bianchi (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 3.300.000
From 5th November 1963
to 14th October 1966
Plate: TS-62423
Country: IT
From 29th September 1965
to 3rd February 1966
Owner: Francesco Rom (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 1.100.000
From 4th February 1966
to 24th July 1966
Owner: Paolo Bossi (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 1.000.000
From 25th July 1966
to 12th October 1966
Owner: Claudio Zaccaron (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 800.000
From 13th October 1966
to 6th September 1967
Owner: Francesco Coniglio (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 500.000
From 15th October 1966
to 18th September 1967
Plate: VE-119359
Country: IT
From 7th September 1967
to 10th October 1967
Owner: Ester Granello (IT)
From 19th September 1967
to 9th June 1969
Plate: TV-135058
Country: IT
From 11th October 1967
to 10th March 1968
Owner: Raffaella Cordenonsi (IT)
From 11th March 1968
to 19th February 1969
Owner: Gino Uliana (IT)
15th September 1968
Event: Coppa Alpe del Nevegal
Locality: Belluno (IT)
Category / Group: A - Group 4
Class: Class: sport car 1000-1300 cc
Driver: Gino Uliana (IT)
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
From 20th February 1969
to 9th June 1969
Owner: Florio Saler (IT)
From 10th June 1969
to 25th January 1972
Owner: Ermenegildo Avon (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 200.000
From 10th June 1969
to 17th August 1972
Plate: PN-014203
Country: IT
From 26th January 1972
to 17th August 1972
Owner: Nicoletta Ditonzo (IT)
From 18th August 1972
to 1975
Owner: Vincenzo Barbuscia (IT)
18th August 1972
Plate: UD-236120
Country: IT
From 1975
to 1987
Owner: Roberto Vesco (IT)
Note: Car restored in yellow color.
2nd and current body
Coachbuilder: Abarth
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Yellow
31st August 1986
Event: Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti
Locality: Cortina d'Ampezzo (IT)
Race number: #42
Driver: Arnaldo Rizzi Nuvolari (IT)
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From 18th May 1987
to 18th July 1994
Owner: Arnaldo Rizzi Nuvolari (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 600.000
29th October 1987
Identification document: FIA
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3rd July 1988
Event: Cividale Castelmonte
Locality: Cividale del Friuli (IT)
Race number: #155
Driver: Arnaldo Rizzi Nuvolari (IT)
2nd September 1988
Identification document: FIVA Identity Card n. MT0042; -Owner 'Country Italy
16th September 1988
Identification document: CSAI
July 1994
Identification document: Carta di circolazione
July 1994
Bibliography: De Boer John, The Italian Car Registry - John Fulton De Boer , Unknown publisher, n.p. 1994
From 18th July 1994
to currently
Owner: Private collection
19th July 1994
Identification document: Certificato di Proprietà
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20th March 1996
Identification document: ASI
December 2014
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