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1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Record Monza

Chassis no. 711565
Engine no. 722186
Coachbuilder Zagato
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1st and current interior
Seats: Black
1st and current engine no. 722186
Manufacturer: ABARTH & CO FACTORY (IT)
Note: type 750/221
1st body
Coachbuilder: Zagato
Type: Roadster / Spider
1st and current chassis no. 711565
From 24th May 1960
to 4th April 1962
Plate: MI-482517
Country: IT
From 27th May 1960
to 23rd March 1962
Owner: Mario Poltronieri (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 2.075.000
Note: Acquired by Abarth S.p.A.
2nd and current body
Coachbuilder: Zagato
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Yellow
From 24th March 1962
to 4th December 1962
Owner: Ruggero Manca (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 300.000
Note: 4 April, 1962: Body transformed from open to closed
From 5th April 1962
to 4th October 1963
Plate: TO-437568
Country: IT
From 5th December 1962
to 19th September 1963
Owner: Michele Maglienti (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 450.000
From 20th September 1963
to 7th June 1964
Owner: Michele Nobili (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 400.000
From 5th October 1963
to 25th June 1964
Plate: VA-124801
Country: IT
From 8th June 1964
to 2nd April 1967
Owner: Mario Crespi (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 50.000
17th June 1964
Identification document: Carta di circolazione
26th June 1964
Identification document: Foglio complementare
From 26th June 1964
to 18th May 1967
Plate: MI-921105
Country: IT
From 3rd April 1967
to 19th February 1978
Owner: Cesare Lubelli (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 100.000
19th May 1967
Plate: NO-142767
Country: IT
From 20th February 1978
to 6th November 1985
Owner: Pierfrancesco Greco (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 200.000
From 6th November 1985
to currently
Owner: Private collection
July 1994
Bibliography: De Boer John, The Italian Car Registry - John Fulton De Boer , Unknown publisher, n.p. 1994
9th May 1996
Identification document: ASI
November 1998
Generic fact: Other photos
November 1998
Press review: Unknown author, "Fiat Abarth 750 Rm Zagato", La Manovella , no. 9, 11-1998
December 2014
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