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1962 Maserati 5000 GT

Chassis no. AM103026
Engine no. AM103026
Coachbuilder Allemano
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1st and current interior
Material: Connoly leather
Seats: Black
1st and current engine no. am103026
Manufacturer: MASERATI S.P.A.
Note: 90° V-type, twin spark
1st and current body
Coachbuilder: Allemano
Type: Fixhead coupe
Colour: Red
1st and current chassis no. am103026
3rd January 1962
Generic fact: Build
16th January 1964
Record: Avviso spedizione
From 12th February 1964
to 19th July 1964
Owner: Alfredo Belponer (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 7.500.000
Famous owner: Belponer, owner and president of the Scuderia Brescia Corse
Note: Belponer, owner and president of the Scuderia Brescia Corse racing team, used the car to drive with it to the Italian Formula 1 GP in Monza.
From 12th February 1964
to 28th July 1964
Plate: BS-141536
Country: IT
From 20th July 1964
to 1st October 1964
Owner: I.R.C.A. SRL (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 2.000.000
Note: Industrie Riunite Confezioni ed Affini - Via A. Sauli, 26 - Milano (MI), Italy
29th July 1964
Plate: MI-934913
Country: IT
1st October 1964
Owner: Antonio Ciacci (SM)
Purchase price: Lire 3.100.000
Famous owner: Little Tony (born Antonio Ciacci (7 February 1941 – 27 May 2013) was an Italian-born Sammarinese pop singer and actor, who achieved success in Britain in the late 1950s and early 1960s, as the lead singer of Little Tony & His Brothers, before returning to Italy where he continued a successful career as a singer and film actor
Note: Via XXV Marzo, 8 - San Marino (SM).
Generic fact: Other photos Antonio Ciacci
From 2nd October 1964
to 5th May 1966
Owner: SAETTA (SM)
Note: Transfered to Agency Saetta for importation to San Marino
From 1966
to 1970
Owner: Unknown (CH)
Note: By the mid-1960s the car had left Italy and was thought to have been sold to Switzerland
From 1970
to 1980
Owner: Joseph Fidler "Joe" Walsh (US)
Famous owner: Joseph Fidler "Joe" Walsh (born November 20, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. In a career spanning more than 40 years, Walsh has been a member of five successful rock bands: the Eagles, James Gang, Barnstorm, The Party Boys, and Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band
Note: During the 1970s the car was exported to the USA and was owned by Joe Walsh of the rock group The Eagles. On a subsequent solo album, Walsh wrote a song called "Life’s been good" with the lyric: "My Maserati does one-eighty-five. I lost my licence, now I don’t drive", clearly a reference to his Maserati 5000 GT
From 1980
to 1985
Owner: Henry Charles Vestine (US)
Famous owner: Henry Charles Vestine (December 25, 1944 – October 20, 1997)[ a.k.a. "The Sunflower", was an American guitar player known mainly as a member of the band Canned Heat
From 1985
to 1988
Owner: Paul Wear (US)
From 1988
to 17th August 2002
Owner: Ken Mcbride (US)
Note: Mechanical problems with the Maserati engine sidelined the car for some years after this but it was bought and restored in the late 1980s by Ken McBride from Seattle, Washington State USA.
29th August 1999
Event: Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
Locality: Carmel-by-the-Sea (US)
Class: R: Maserati 5000 GT
Driver: Ken Mcbride (US)
Note: McBride had the engine rebuilt and the bodywork restored and the car was completed in time for the special Maserati 5000GT class at Pebble Beach Concours in 1999.
27th January 2002
Event: Bonhams - Palm Beach
Locality: Palm Beach (US)
17th August 2002
Event: Bonhams - Quail Lodge Auction
Locality: Carmel-by-the-Sea (US)
Note: Entered into Bonhams Quail Lodge Auction August 2002. Sold to Ian Wade collection, Hong Kong. Car shipped to UK and placed in storage
From 18th August 2002
to December 2008
Owner: Ian Frances Wade (HK)
Purchase price: 178.500 Dollars
Famous owner: Board member or director of five Chinese companies, including China Zenix Auto International Ltd and A.S. Watson Group
Note: In the early 2000s the car changed hands again, becoming part of an important private collection of Italian cars. The car was shipped to UK and placed in storage
From 2008
to 2nd May 2021
Owner: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Note: Sold through Australian Classic car dealer Terry Healy to Stephen Dowling. Shipped to McGrath Maserati in UK. 2008-2010: Complete mechanical restoration carried out by McGrath Maserati including engine, gearbox, axle rebuild. Brake and suspension overhaul. New wiring loom. New glass made and fitted. Engine in very poor condition internally, with porosity in block. Replacement crankshaft and pistons/liners had been made for it but were incorrectly sized leading to internal block damage. Replacements for all moving parts made and fitted by McGrath.
Restoration: Photo chassis engine - mechanics
September 2009
Plate: EBY533B
Country: Unknown nationality
4th October 2009
Event: Maserati International Rally
Locality: West Sussex (GB)
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
Note: Partially completed the car has his first debut after the restoration by McGrath Maserati
From 13th November 2009
to 15th November 2009
Event: Nec Classic Motor Show
Locality: Birmingham (GB)
Note: Maserati Club UK stand
March 2010
Event: The Royal Automobile Club
Locality: Londra (GB)
Note: Displayed at The Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall, London
April 2010
Press review: Heseltine Richard, "Life's Been Good To Me", Classiccars , no. 4, 04-2010, pp. 54
From 21st July 2010
to 23rd July 2010
Event: Salon Prive London
Locality: Londra (GB)
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Note: Displayed in the Maserati Class.
From 23rd July 2010
to 25th July 2010
Event: Silverstone Classic Maserati Club Display
Locality: Silverstone (GB)
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
From 2nd September 2010
to 5th September 2010
Event: International Maserati Rally - Concourse d'Elegance
Locality: Båstad (SE)
Race number: #117
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Co-Driver: Georgina Dowling (AU)
Results / Prizes: Best of Show
December 2010
Press review: Heywood Andy, "Gt Heaven", Classic & Sports Car , no. 9, 12-2010, pp. 96
24th April 2011
Identification document: Car manufacturers' heritage certificate - Maserati - Tecnical and Aesthetic Characteristics
June 2011
Event: Maserati Club UK Annual Concours d'Elegance
Locality: Leicestershire (GB)
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
From 10th June 2011
to 12th June 2011
Event: The Graypaul Maserati Club Concours d'Elegance
Locality: Nottingham (GB)
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
15th October 2011
Event: Brooklands Autumn Motorsport Day
Locality: Weybridge (GB)
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
From 26th April 2012
to 29th April 2012
Event: Maserati Club UK Tour of Southern Ireland - Concours d'Elegance
Locality: Wexford (IE)
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
November 2012
Press review: Park Simon, "Car Of The Kings", Auto Italia , no. 201, 11-2012, pp. 28
April 2013
Event: Maserati Club UK Tour of Northern Spain
Locality: Unknown city (ES)
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Results / Prizes: 1st OA
From 19th September 2013
to 22nd September 2013
Event: Maserati International Rally - Concours d'Elégance Place du Marché
Locality: Montreux (CH)
Race number: #18
Class: Classic Cars, inc. single seaters, Sports Cars 50's 6-cylinders
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Results / Prizes: 1st CL
Note: Historic Fairmont Le Montreux Palace hotel facing Lake Geneva
From 18th September 2014
to 20th September 2014
Event: Maserati Centennial International Gathering - Tour
Locality: Bologna (IT)
Race number: #10
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Co-Driver: Christopher Young (AU)
Route: Bologna - Modena - Torino
20th September 2014
Event: Maserati Centennial International Gathering - Councours d'Elegance
Locality: Torino (IT)
Race number: #10
Class: Carrozzeria Speciale
Driver: Stephen Dowling (AU)
Co-Driver: Christopher Young (AU)
Results / Prizes: 2nd CL
From 15th November 2014
to 16th November 2014
Event: Nec Classic Motor Show Sale
Locality: Birmingham (GB)
Class: Classic & Sports Car Club Awards
Results / Prizes: Car of the Show
Note: Maserati Club UK Stand
19th November 2014
Press review: Simister David, "5000gti Wins Car Of Show Award", Classic Car Weekly , 11-2014, pp. 4
Generic fact: Other photos
From 8th January 2015
to 11th January 2015
Event: The London Classic Car Show
Locality: Londra (GB)
Note: Maserati North Europe Stand
21st July 2015
Event: Classic on the Common
Locality: Harpenden (GB)
22nd October 2015
Press review: Confaloni Savina, "Caccia Alle Vip Car", Corriere della sera , 10-2015, pp. 14
From 1st May 2021
to currently
Owner: Private collection
Country: Unknown nationality