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1938 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 B Lungo

Chassis no. 814279
Engine no. T 823352
Coachbuilder Carrozzeria Alfa
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1st and current interior
Material: cloth
Seats: Grey
1st engine no. 823541
Manufacturer: ALFA ROMEO (IT)
1st and current body
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Alfa
Type: Limousine
Colour: Black
1st and current chassis no. 814279
From 22nd March 1939
to 9th September 1949
Owner: Leone Croce Gartanio (IT)
Note: Croce Gartanio Leone, late Alberto Musso Santamaria
22nd March 1939
Plate: NO-29559
Country: IT
From 9th September 1949
to 23rd March 1953
Owner: Ercole Rodda (IT)
Note: Rodda Ercole, late Giovanni Caraglia. 1949/10/14 change use in rental garage. 1952/10/23 change use in private car
14th October 1949
Plate: VE-212035
Country: IT
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From 23rd March 1953
to 16th May 1956
Owner: Eva Rinaldi (IT)
Note: Transfer for "mortis causa". Rinaldi Eva, late Giuseppe Armeno
2nd engine no. 925445
Manufacturer: ALFA ROMEO (IT)
Note: 6C 2500 Sport engine produced in 1943
From 25th June 1956
to 22nd September 1964
Owner: Colombo Sereno (IT)
Note: Colombo Sereno, late Annibale Laudina. 1956/08/14 change use at rental garage (replacement engine #925445). 1959/11/09 change use at rental garage with driver
From 22nd September 1964
to 17th December 1971
Owner: Lora Lamia Lugio (IT)
Note: Lora Lamia Lugio with Osella Leonardo Corrado, Gilardi Gian Pietro. 1964/12/22 PRA Vercelli.
From 17th December 1971
to December 1990
Owner: Mario Fini (IT)
Note: 1972/05/25 new car registration certificate
From December 1990
to currently
Owner: Corrado Lopresto (IT)
December 1990
Plate: ZA389HJ
Country: IT
3rd and current engine no. t 823352
Manufacturer: ALFA ROMEO (IT)
October 2007
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Record: Photo
25th February 2010
Event: Unknown
13th May 2010
June 2010
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Bibliography: Morlacchi Fabio, Alfa Romeo 6c 2300- 6c 2500 Vol.3 , Unknown publisher, n.p. 2014
January 2014
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Bibliography: Doehren Hans-jürgen, La Passione 6c 2300 - 6c 2500 1934/1953 , Alfapoint, n.p. 2019