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1925 Aston Martin Grand Prix

Chassis no. 1961
Engine no. 6
Coachbuilder -


Current Chassis

Chassis  1961

Chassis Frame  Ladder Frame

Front Suspension  Live axle with leafsprings

Rears Suspension  Live axle with leafsprings

Drum Brakes  Front-Rear Mechanical Operation


Current Engine

Engine  6

Manufacturer  ASTON MARTIN, LTD

Engine Type  Front

Cylinders  4

Arrangement  Inline

Notes  Type: MK III

Cubic displacement   1486 cc

Valves per cylinder  4

Fuel Type  Petrol-Gasoline

Fuel System Carburettors Number  2

Fuel System Carburettors type  SU HV2

Compression ratio 

Top speed 

Top speed 

Cooling System  Water Cooled

Transmission Wheel drive  Rear wheel drive

Gearbox Number of forward speed  4

Gearbox without reverse  Y


Current Body

Coachbuilder  Aston Martin

Type of body  Sport and Barchetta

Unladen weight   600 kg

Colour  Black