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1925 Aston Martin Grand Prix

Chassis no. 1961
Engine no. 6
Coachbuilder Enrico Bertelli


Race organized by Junior Car Club (JCC).
The Brooklands Automobile Racing Club operated the track for the owners, Brooklands (Weybridge) Ltd. In 1919, with cyclecars on the decline, the name of the club changed to the Junior Car Club (JCC).
In 1921 the JCC organised the first long-distance race in Britain. The 200 Mile Race at Brooklands was won by Henry Segraves in a Talbot-Darracq. The "200"was run at Brooklands until 1928 and was the highlight of the JCC calendar. In 1932, a 1000 Mile Race, also organised at Brooklands, was won by Elsie Wisdom and Joan Richmond in a Riley. The JCC was one of the first clubs to allow women to compete against men. In January 1946 the track was sold and the JCC absorbed the BARC and using the same initials, changed its name to the British Automobile Racing Club.


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