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1948 Cisitalia 202 Gran Sport

Chassis no. 110SC
Engine no. 102*221
Coachbuilder Carrozzeria Alfredo Vignale & C.
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1st interior
Seats: Unknown
1st and current engine no. 102*221
1st body
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Alfredo Vignale & C.
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Unknown
1st and current chassis no. 110sc
From 29th September 1949
to 3rd April 1950
Owner: Francesco Vasaturo (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 298.000
Note: Apulian driver, although Neapolitized, also carried out considerable activity with Japigia team of which he was social champion from 1950 to 1954. Always with cars of large displacement, he partecipated in various editions of Mille Miglia, Giro di Sicilia , Giro di Calabria and in differents uphill races where he won ten class prizes and various honorable placement.
29th September 1949
Plate: NA-52590
Country: IT
10th October 1949
Press review: Unknown, "Trionfo Della Iv '' Targa Puglia''", La Gazzetta del Lunedì , 10-1949
10th October 1949
Press review: Unknown, "Superbo Successo Del Iv ''targa Puglia''", La Gazzetta del Lunedì , 10-1949
10th October 1949
Press review: Unknown, "La Targa Puglia", La Gazzetta del Lunedì , 10-1949
15th October 1949
Press review: Unknown, "La Targa Puglia Termina Con L'affermazione Del Brindisino Apruzzi Su Fiat 1100", L'Auto Italiana , no. 20, 10-1949
24th February 1950
Plate: RI-4918
Country: IT
From 3rd April 1950
to 14th July 1950
Owner: Aldo Marchetti (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 100.000
3rd April 1950
Plate: ROMA-132525
Country: IT
From 14th July 1950
to 28th October 1950
Owner: Achille Volterra (IT)
From 28th October 1950
to 24th February 1951
Owner: Rosa Alviani (IT)
From 24th February 1951
to 6th September 1952
Owner: Luciana Blasi (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 200.000
From 6th September 1952
to 18th April 1953
Owner: Giuseppe Rosati (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 300.000
Famous owner: Rosati Giuseppe was a famous Roman racing driver.
Note: At the time of sale, Sesto Leonardi was special prosecutor for Giuseppe Rosati.
6th September 1952
Plate: ROMA-167873
Country: IT
From 18th April 1953
to 4th June 1954
Owner: Antonio Venneri (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 320.000
18th April 1953
Plate: LE-11867
Country: IT
From 5th June 1954
to 30th January 1957
Owner: Elena Sampaolesi (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 10.000
5th June 1954
Plate: ROMA-202692
Country: IT
From 4th February 1957
to 10th May 1957
Purchase price: Lire 70.000
From 10th May 1957
to 5th April 1958
Owner: Nicolò de Renzis (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 250.000
Famous owner: Baron of Montanara and Baron of San Bartolomeo
Note: He is Baron of Montanara and Baron of San Bartolomeo. He is in the Neapolitan nobility. He bought the car when he was 22 years old. In 2021 he remembers it like ''burgundy, beautiful and fast ''.
From 5th April 1958
to 16th December 1960
Owner: Ugo Roasio (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 50.000
From 1960
to 1990
Generic fact: Capponi's child in front of the car
From 16th December 1960
to 21st August 1961
Owner: Giacomo Arturo Griech (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 100.000
16th December 1960
Plate: CA-45225
Country: IT
From 21st August 1961
to 1st August 1962
Owner: Osvaldo Braga (IT)
19th July 1962
Identification document: Carta di circolazione
From 1st August 1962
to 7th July 1992
Owner: Giacomo Capponi (IT)
Note: The car was used until the mid-1970 and Capponi decided to sell it for 300.000 lire but his son asked him to keep it and later restore it. The seats were the stock ones, but wrapped in red leatherette with pale finishes, such as the knobs were. It had twin left exhaust. They restored the grill on the basis of the previous one, which was no longer original at the time, since it was 17 bars and not 23. Rear shocks and an electric fan have been added. In 2021 the Capponi family remembers that the vehicle had the “V” of Vignale on the side.
2nd interior
Material: Leatherette
Seats: Red
2nd body
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Alfredo Vignale & C.
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Two tone: white body - blue roof
1st August 1963
Generic fact: The car was bicolor at the time: white and light blue. The Vignale badge is clearly visible.
3rd and current body
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Alfredo Vignale & C.
Type: Fastback coupe
Colour: Red
1st August 1965
Generic fact: Capponi's Family when the car was in red.
3rd and current interior
Material: Leatherette
Seats: Black
Event: Raduno Auto d'Epoca - Turisport
Locality: Cagliari (IT)
From 28th April 1989
to 1st May 1989
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #117
Driver: Fabio Testi (IT)
Co-Driver: Vasco Paterlini (IT)
Results / Prizes: DNF
Note: Fabio Testi is a famous Italian cinema and television actor.
Bibliography: Allievi Pino, Mille Miglia 1989 , La Mille Miglia Editrice, n.p. 1989
From 19th August 1992
to 30th September 1999
Owner: Vasco Paterlini (IT)
Purchase price: Lire 20.000
From 30th September 1999
to 20th December 1999
From 20th December 1999
to 20th March 2002
Owner: Guidobruno Guidi Di Bagno (IT)
11th January 2002
Identification document: Certificato di proprietà
From 20th March 2002
to 10th December 2020
Owner: Paolo Lenzi (IT)
Note: Paolo Lenzi is an Italian cars lover from Poretta Terme, a Little Town near Bologna. His Family has owned two Fiat's Showroom for many years.
From 26th April 2002
to 27th April 2002
Event: Raid degli Orsi
Locality: Biella (IT)
Race number: #48
Driver: Paolo Lenzi (IT)
Co-Driver: Floriana Bettocchi (IT)
26th April 2002
Press review: Lorenzet Gian Domenico, "Ad Oropa La Storia Dell'auto", Il Biellese , 04-2002, pp. 26
8th February 2003
Identification document: CSAI
From 10th April 2003
to 13th April 2003
Event: Coppa Milano-Sanremo
Locality: Milano (IT)
Category / Group: Turistica
Driver: Paolo Lenzi (IT)
Co-Driver: Alberto Lenzi (IT)
2nd June 2003
Event: L'Italia su 4 Ruote
Locality: Bologna (IT)
Driver: Paolo Lenzi (IT)
26th June 2005
Event: Passeggiata a Bargi
Locality: Porretta Terme (IT)
Driver: Paolo Lenzi (IT)
5th May 2009
Identification document: ASI
11th March 2010
Identification document: FIVA Identify Card no 035644; -Categorized: B3; - ASN that issued the certificate: ANF - Owner' Country: Italy
Bibliography: Lugo Podestà Sergio Alberto, Cisitalia Da Corsa - Europa , Registro Fiat Italiano, n.p. 2017
January 2020
Record: Car Photos
From 10th December 2020
to 30th March 2023
Owner: Private collection
4th February 2021
Record: Sold By Automotive Masterpieces
3rd May 2021
Generic fact: Ex-owner de Renzi's testimony
9th October 1949
Event: Targa Puglia
Driver: Francesco Vasaturo (IT)
Co-Driver: Maria Vasaturo
Results / Prizes: 5th OA
Note: II Targa Puglia, Automobile Club Bari