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1958 Maserati TIPO 420/M/58 Eldorado

Chassis no. 4203
Engine no. TBD
Coachbuilder Carrozzeria Fantuzzi
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From 1958
to 1968
Famous owner: Adolfo Orsi Family era
1st and current interior
Seats: Red
1st and current engine no. tbd
Manufacturer: MASERATI S.P.A.
Note: V-90°
1st and current body
Coachbuilder: Carrozzeria Fantuzzi
Type: Single-seater (cars and formulas)
Colour: White
1st and current chassis no. 4203
From 25th June 1958
to 29th June 1958
Event: Monza 500 Miglia di Monza
Locality: Monza (IT)
Race number: #10
Driver: Stirling Moss (GB)
Results / Prizes: 7th OA
Note: Nikname: Monzanapolis Valid for "The Race of two worlds" trophy
30th April 1959
Press review: Unknown author, "Unknown", Sport Illustrato , no. 18, 04-1959
30th May 1959
Event: 500 Miglia Indianapolis
Locality: Indianapolis (US)
Race number: #12
Driver: Ralph Liguori (US)
Results / Prizes: NC / 2th race of 9 World Championship
Note: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Generic fact: The car is on display into the small museum inside the Maserati factory, created by Orsi family
From 1968
to 1975
Famous owner: Citroën‎ era
Note: 1970 (about): car stored into Maserati factory and stacked in a little store space together with the others museum cars
From 15th October 1974
to 22nd October 1974
Press review: Unknown author, "Unknown", Autosprint , no. 42, 10-1974
From 1975
to 1990
Famous owner: Alejandro de Tomaso era
Note: 1988: Alejandro de Tomaso decides to restore it and commissions Ermanno Cozza about restoration
From October 1976
to 31st December 1976
Press review: Finn Joel E., "The Eldorado Maserati", Trident, the Maserati club quaterly magazine , no. 11, 10-1976, pp. 12
From 1990
to December 1996
Famous owner: The company specifically created by Alejandro de Tomaso to restore and manage the Maserati Museum cars
Note: 1990: The body is carried to Carrozzeria Campana Onorio in Modena to be restored. The chassis remains in Maserati factory.
March 1994
Press review: Unknown author, "Unknown", Auto d'Epoca , no. 3, 03-1994
July 1994
Bibliography: De Boer John, The Italian Car Registry - John Fulton De Boer , Unknown publisher, n.p. 1994
From 3rd December 1994
to 11th December 1994
Event: Bologna Motor Show
Locality: Bologna (IT)
Note: Only chassid was displayed for the 80 years of Maserati
October 1996
Generic fact: De Tomaso claim and get the ownership of the cars in Maserati museum, so the chassis was carried to UK, together with the others cars, to be auctioned by Brooks.
From December 1996
to currently
Event: Privat event: restart of the engine after about 40 years
Locality: Unknown city (IT)
Note: The restoration is completed by Panini family. After that, little ceremony in the courtyard of Panini Collection shed
Event: Car returns in Monza parabolic ring
Locality: Monza (IT)
Note: Car returns in Monza parabolic ring for some photos in the forthiet anniversary of 500 Miglia di Monza
Restoration: Photo Interiors
Restoration: Photo chassis engine - mechanics
Restoration: Photo body and assembly
From 28th February 1998
to 8th March 1998
Event: Autostory
Locality: Genova (IT)
April 1998
Press review: Alfieri Giulio, "Maserati Eldorado", La Manovella , no. 3, 04-1998, pp. 26
April 1998
Press review: MarchianÒ Michele, "C'era Una Volta... E C'è Ancora", La Manovella , no. 3, 04-1998, pp. 60
April 1998
Press review: Varisco Franco, "Il Sogno Nel Catino", Ruoteclassiche , no. 116, 04-1998, pp. 26
From 12th June 1998
to 14th June 1998
Event: Goodwood Festival of Speed
Locality: West Sussex (GB)
Driver: Stirling Moss (GB)
August 2000
Event: Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance
Locality: Barton on Sea (GB)
Driver: Matteo Panini (IT)
August 2000
Event: Monterey Historic Races Laguna Seca
Locality: Laguna Seca (US)
Driver: Matteo Panini (IT)
From 22nd October 2000
to 18th March 2001
Event: Il Tridente alla riscossa
Locality: Romano D'ezzelino (IT)
Note: Museo Bonfanti Vimar
From 11th July 2003
to 13th July 2003
Event: Goodwood Festival of Speed
Locality: West Sussex (GB)
Driver: Matteo Panini (IT)
Event: Maserati 90th Anniversary
Locality: Monza (IT)
From 23rd June 2007
to 24th June 2007
Event: Campionato FIA GT
Locality: Unknown city (IT)
Note: Maserati Day
From 14th March 2009
to 15th March 2009
Event: Old Time Show
Locality: Unknown city (IT)
April 2009
Event: Le Maserati Straordinarie
Locality: Reggio Emilia (IT)
Note: Fiera di Reggio Emilia
Generic fact: Other photos
From 15th October 2012
to 20th March 2013
Event: Le Grandi Sfide Ferrari-Maserati
Locality: Modena (IT)
Note: Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari
From 25th October 2012
to 28th October 2012
Event: Auto e Moto d'Epoca
Locality: Padova (IT)
From 5th September 2013
to 7th September 2013
Event: St. James's Concours of Elegance
Locality: Londra (GB)
Driver: Matteo Panini (IT)
From 13th September 2013
to 15th September 2013
Event: Goodwood Revival
Locality: West Sussex (GB)
From 17th January 2014
to 19th January 2014
Event: InterClassics & TopMobiel
Locality: Bunnik (NL)
From 14th March 2014
to 16th March 2014
Event: Motori & Sapori
Locality: Castelfranco Emilia (IT)
From 25th April 2014
to 27th April 2014
Event: Milano AutoClassica
Locality: Milano (IT)
From 19th June 2014
to 31st December 2014
Event: Maserati 100 – A Century of Pure Italian Luxury Sports Cars
Locality: Unknown city (IT)
Note: The “Maserati 100 – A Century of Pure Italian Luxury Sports Cars” exhibition runs seven days a week until January 2015.
7th September 2014
Event: Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille
Locality: Chantilly (FR)
From 12th September 2014
to 14th September 2014
Event: Goodwood Revival
Locality: Goodwood (GB)
October 2014
Press review: Unknown author, "La Piste Aux ètoiles", Classic & Sport Car , no. 25, 10-2014, pp. 8
From 6th December 2014
to 14th December 2014
Event: Bologna Motor Show
Locality: Bologna (IT)
From 13th February 2015
to 15th February 2015
Event: Automotoretrò
Locality: Torino (IT)
19th June 2015
Event: Premiere Museo della Velocità di Monza
Locality: Monza (IT)
Note: Autodromo Nazionale di Monza
From 24th September 2016
to 25th September 2016
Event: Modena Motor Gallery
Locality: Modena (IT)
From 20th October 2016
to 23rd October 2016
Event: Auto e Moto d'Epoca
Locality: Padova (IT)
Note: Displayed at Maserati stand
From 3rd March 2017
to 5th March 2017
Event: Retro Classics
Locality: Stuttgart (DE)
From 25th October 2018
to 28th October 2018
Event: Auto e Moto d'Epoca
Locality: Padova (IT)
From February 2023
to 25th February 2023
Event: THE ICE The International Concours of Elegance
Locality: (CH)
From 26th October 2023
to 29th October 2023
Event: Auto e Moto d'Epoca Fiera di Bologna
Locality: Bologna (IT)
Note: Car exhibited in pavilion 32