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1953 Fiat 1100/103

Chassis no. 103*021504*
Engine no. 103.000*021609*
Coachbuilder Fiat


Current Chassis

From  10th August 1953

Chassis  103*021504*

Dampers  Telescopic Type

Drum Brakes  Front-Rear Hydraulic Operation

Front Suspension  Unequal double wishbones and coil springs

Chassis Frame  Unibody

Rears Suspension  Live axle with leafsprings

Steering: Hydraulic-assistance  N

Technical Specifications and History  Y

Online  Y - E' visibile

Wheel track front  1230 mm

Wheel track rear  1210 mm

Wheelbase  2340 mm


Current Engine

From  10th August 1953

Arrangement  Inline

Bore  68 mm

Stroke  75 mm

Compression Ratio  6.7 : 1

Cooling System  Water Cooled

Cubic displacement  1089 cc

Cylinders  4

Electrical equipment Volt  12

Engine  103.000*021609*

Engine Type  Front

Fuel System Carburettors type  Weber 32 DR10 SP

Fuel System Carburettors Number  1

Gearbox Number of forward speed  4


Maximum power  36 hp

Maximum power  4400 rpm

Technical Specifications and History  Y

Top speed  116 Km/h

Transmission Clutch  Dry single disc Hydraulic

Fuel Type  Petrol-Gasoline

Valves per cylinder  2

Valvetrain  Pushrod - OHV

Transmission Wheel drive  Rear wheel drive


Current Body

From  10th August 1953

Coachbuilder  Fiat

Colour  White

Colours Description  Ivory white

Wheels type  Steel

Height  1485 mm

Lenghth  3775 mm

Number of doors  4

Number of spare wheels  1

Number of wheels  4

Type of body  Four-door saloon

Tyres Front size  5,20-14

Tyres Rear size  5,20-14

Unladen weight  825 kg

Wheels Front size  3 1/2J-14

Wheels Rear size  3 1/2J-14

Width  1458 mm


Current Interior

From  10th August 1953

Cockpit/panels  Red

Hand drive  LHD - Left Hand Drive

Number of seats  6

Seats  Red