Weller Brothers, from 1902 under the company Weller Brothers Limited, was one of the first English automobile and motorcycle production companies at the beginning of the 20th century (sometimes also spelled with the abbreviation from Brothers to Bros. and Limited to Ltd.). The company was based in West Norwood, now a south London district. The sale of own vehicles is documented from March 1901 and ended in 1904/1905 with the dissolution of the company. The two main shareholders were the engineer John Weller and the businessman John Portwine. From 1904 they continued to work together in a new company called Autocars and Accessories Limited (A. and A.) building the small three-wheeled van Auto-Carrier. In 1907, this gave rise to the well-known car brand AC, which still exists today and is best known for the AC Cobra from the 1960s, developed together with Carroll Shelby and Ford.


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