He is a German automotive engineer well known for his work at Porsche. His first project was to work on the valve train of the Fuhrmann-designed Carrera engine. In 1959 he moved to the design department to work started on the type 804 flat-8 Formula 1 engine. Over the next 35 years he took part in the 1960s F1 programme, undertook design leadership for the first Porsche 911 production engine and leader of the famed 1960s Race Design office that turned out the 917s. Mezger led Porsche's development of turbocharging with the 1100 hp 917/30 and its application to the 911 Turbo. Mezger was responsible for the McLaren TAG turbo engine from the mid 1980s, used in the championship winning McLaren MP4/2. He retired in 1994.


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