Genta was an excellent driver of the golden age, in which even the 'private' or team-affiliated drivers who were in charge of the 'research' of potential future champions, managed to show off and obtain results worthy of relief, often even against professional pilots. Fiorenzo Genta begins to get noticed since 1959, driving the small Fiat 600. Since 1964 the 'choice' for Lancia cars. At the wheel of a Flavia Coupè 1.8 prepared by Almo Bosato and Flavia Sport Zagato he participates in various races of the Sports Car Championship with good results. In 1968 he met the car that made him famous and loved by enthusiasts: he bought the Fulvia Sport Zagato Competizione, Chassis 818.332-1289, this is the second Fulvia Sport Zagato built in the special 'competition' set-up. Maximum lightening, specific preparation for participation in the Sports Car Championship up to 1300 cc. Fiorenzo has for some time entered the orbit of the Jolly Club where Renata Angiolini and her son Roberto took the reins of the Scuderia founded by the unforgettable Mario. Indeed, it is precisely with the livery of the Milanese Club that Fiorenzo participates in the Monte Carlo Rally. So at the first edition of the Elba Rally where however the terrible conditions of the track forced him to retire. And again, in May, at the Targa Florio. In July of the same year the car participates with Fiorenzo Genta at the Mugello GP where it runs into a terrible accident from which it emerges semi-destroyed. It is patiently rebuilt and takes on the definitive white saratoga with blue longitudinal bands with which it will be immediately recognized by the fans as it passes through the following races. In 1969, in fact, it was with this car that Fiorenzo Genta became Italian Champion in the Sport category up to 1300 cc. the outcome of a season full of satisfactions. In the following two years Fiorenzo raced in a Porsche 911 S, always highlighting his exceptional qualities as a sprinter, until his retirement from competitions. Many aficionados in Tuscany remember him with admiration and affection. Particularly in Mugello, where Fiorenzo contributed to immortalize the history of the 'mythical' Mugello Stradale circuit, one of the most loved by the drivers of the time for its incredible 'variety' and 'completeness'. 'His' Fulvia Sport Zagato remains with us to testify the skill and passion of this unforgotten driver, wonderfully restored by the current owner.

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