The Fiat 1100 has a very long career. In 1953, with the 1100/103 model, the car was radically modified. It was a totally new car, equipped with a load-bearing body and modern bodywork with integrated fenders 4-door and 3-volumes, with a rounded short tail. Of the progenitor it kept only the 4-cylinder engine with side camshaft of 1089 cc. In October 1953, the 103 TV (Turismo Veloce) version was launched, boosted to 48 hp, which later became 50, against the 36 of the other versions, transmission shaft in two parts connected by a joint, Weber double barrel carburettor, higher compression, different axle ratios, two-tone paint, richer finishes, "tails" on the trunk and third central light, inserted in the grille. The TV model was explicitly appreciated by Enzo Ferrari.


We'll tell the story of this model on the occasion of its anniversary or when it will reach a sufficient number of cars.

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