Alessandro Franzi, car collector and heir of the Franzi dynasty of leather goods. It's a family famous for having created a homonymous leather company in 1864. The company has always operated in the production of luxury leather accessories. Among its customers, the company counted members of the high aristocracy, including the royal family of Great Britain. The company is connected to the automotive world, because in the 1960s it worked a lot for the Italian car body shops and car manufacturers, such as Bertone, Pininfarina, Touring, Iso Rivolta, Maserati and Ferrari, which used Franzi leather to coat the precious interiors of their cars. Alessandro Franzi, a member of the family, owned all the Lancia Aurelia B20 series and a B24 Spider as well as numerous Ferraris such as the 250 GT, the 275 GTB and the 330 GTC.



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