March 701-8 reached the 8th place at Grand Prix de Monaco Historique

May 16, 2016

The 2016 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique was the 10th edition, an unmissable event for worldwide collectors and classic motorsport fanatics.

A real sprint race, contested on the legendary circuit of Monaco, The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique is designed for worldwide collectors, nostalgic enthusiasts, drivers, spectators and ardent supporters of former days’ mechanics, who definitely won’t miss this world event.
Organized since 1997 by the Automobile Club de Monaco, this “biennial” event will take place two weeks before the Grand Prix de Monaco de Formule 1.
Within two and a half days, from Friday 13th afternoon to Sunday, May 15th, 2016, the Principality of Monaco was transformed into a real temple to turn back the clock. It is indeed about 50 years of motor racing that it was commemorated, through 8 exceptional series:

• Event A : Pre-war racing cars

• Race B : Pre-1961 front-engined F1 Grand Prix and F2 cars• Race C : Front engine Sports Racing cars raced from 1952 to 1955 (included)• Race D : Front-engined, drum brakes Formula Junior Cars from 1958 to 1960 (included)• Race E : 1500 F1 Grand Prix Cars from 1961 to 1965 (included)• Race F : F1 Grand Prix Cars from 1966 to 1972 (included)• Race G : F1 Grand Prix Cars from 1973 to 1976 (included)This 10th edition of this Grand Prix de Monaco Historique was an occasion to distribute the fiftieth’s cup in order to celebrate the Formula One – 3 liters – including the cars involved in the F1 Grand Prix between 1 January 1966 and 31 December 1969 (Race F – Class 1).The two races for Formula 1 – 3 liters – will not accept cars after 1976 (1978 at the latest edition).By the end, the Formula 3 car’s gives way to the Formula Junior (with front-engine, equipped with drum brakes – Race D) who will be celebrating their Diamond Jubilee.

Among the many rare cars, there was one car already counted among the AUTOMOTIVE MASTERPIECES: 

♦️ 1970 March 701 sn 701-8 reached the 8th place with Bruno Ferrari at the wheel Chassis 701-8.

At the beginning of 1970 March Engineering Limited of Bicester sell to Colin Grabble of Antique Automobiles Ltd a formula one car, March 701-8.The first race of team was Monaco Grand Prix and at the same time also the first race in F1 for the Rookie Ronnie Peterson, who finished the race 7th and the only one March to finish the race. During the year Ronnie in March 701-8 raced in Gran Prix of Belgium, Holland, France, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada and USA.In 1971 March Engineering Limited and the Reparto Corse Alfa Romeo/Autodelta closed a contract in which Autodelta would assist the March giving Alfa Romeo V8 engine for all the F1 season. At the same time Autodelta had the need to have a car where to install its engine to make engine and tyres test. For this reason received the chassis 701-8. The car received a new color red and a big airbox.