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1953 Fiat 1100/103

Chassis no. 103*006663*
Engine no. *006730*
Coachbuilder Fiat
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12th May 1953
From 27th March 1953
to 24th November 1953
Owner: Margherita Asburgo-Lorena (IT)
Famous owner: She was an archduchess of Austria, princess of Bohemia, Hungary and Tuscany. She was the third child of Leopoldo Salvatore Asburgo-Lorena, and his wife, the Infanta Bianca of Borbone-Spagna
12th May 1953
1st and current interior
Material: Fabric-Vipla
Seats: Checkered Green-Beige
12th May 1953
1st and current engine no. *006730*
Manufacturer: FIAT S.P.A. (IT)
12th May 1953
1st and current body
Coachbuilder: Fiat
Type: Four-door saloon
Colour: Black
12th May 1953
1st and current chassis no. 103*006663*
Manufacturer: FIAT S.P.A. (IT)
From 26th May 1953
to 24th November 1953
Plate: ROMA-179775
Country: IT
From 24th November 1953
to 2nd January 1957
Owner: Margherita Castracane (IT)
Note: Through the special proxy of Alfonso d'Aquino (Consul of Italy in Madrid)
From 2nd December 1953
to 2nd January 1957
Plate: PS-11893
Country: IT
From 30th April 1955
to 1st May 1955
1st May 1955
Event: II Gran Premio Nuvolari della Mille Miglia
Locality: Cremona-Mantova-Brescia (IT)
Race number: #2322
Driver: Paolo Taliani (IT)
Co-Driver: Francesco De Angelis (IT)
Results / Prizes: DNF
8th May 1955
Event: XXV Criterium di Roma - XXII Coppa Gallenga
Locality: Frascati (IT)
Category / Group: Turismo - Gruppo Turismo si serie normale
Class: Oltre 750 cc fino a 1300 cc
Driver: Paolo Taliani (IT)
Results / Prizes: 7th CL
Time: 10'13''6
From 2nd January 1957
to 12th March 1957
Owner: Antonio Orrù (IT)
From 19th January 1957
to 23rd October 1989
Plate: ROMA-276107
Country: IT
From 12th March 1957
to 30th September 1958
Owner: Fausta Renda (IT)
From 30th September 1958
to 26th August 1965
Owner: Renato Aligna (IT)
From 26th August 1965
to 1995
Owner: Domenico Sciaretta (IT)
23rd October 1989
Record: the plate ROMA-276107 cancelled ex officio
October 1990
Bibliography: Orsini Luigi, Mille Miglia Una Corsa Italiana , Abiemme, n.p. 1990
From 1995
to December 2016
Owner: Massimo La Penna (IT)
Note: He was resident in Zagarolo, a small town near Rome. He was a mechanic but in the meantime he had a small collection of Fiat 1100. Owner quoted by Bruni, who bought the car from him. He was already sick and died a few months later.
Bibliography: Anselmi Angelo, Mille Miglia Identikit , Le Edizioni Dell'opificio, n.p. 2003
From December 2016
to May 2017
No information available about this EX-220 owner
From May 2017
to June 2017
From June 2017
to 28th December 2017
No information available about this EX-277 owner
14th July 2017
July 2017
Record: Chassis and Engine numbers
23rd October 2017
Plate: DZ-44-18
Country: NL
6th November 2017
Identification document: FIVA Identify Card n.066672 ; Categorized A3 ; ASN that issued the certificate Federatie Historische Automobiel - En Motorfietsclubs ; Owners' Country Holland
From 27th November 2017
to 2022
Owner: Rudy Elise Guillaume Raeven (NL)
27th November 2017
Record: Car Sold through AM
27th November 2017
Identification document: Agreement of selling & buying
19th December 2017
Record: Mail from 1000 Miglia to Mr. Van Rijswijk Jan
Bibliography: Unknown author, The Most Beautiful Race In The World: Guida Ufficiale Mille Miglia 2018 , La Mille Miglia Editrice, n.p. 2018
From 16th May 2018
to 19th May 2018
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #290
Category / Group: 3
Driver: Paulus Bergers (NL)
Co-Driver: Fernand Jadoul (NL)
Results / Prizes: 312th OA
Note: Coeff 1.30 - Penality CO 14900 - Penality 23988 - Point -6293 - Gap 80401
December 2018
Bibliography: Dolcini Carlo, Orizzonte Perduto Mille Miglia 1947-1956 , Ela, n.p. 2018
From 16th June 2021
to 19th June 2021
Event: Mille Miglia
Locality: Brescia (IT)
Race number: #226
Driver: Rudy Elise Guillaume Raeven (NL)
Co-Driver: Robert Raeven (NL)
Results / Prizes: 259th OA
From 2022
to 4th December 2023
Owner: Robert Raeven (NL)
June 2023
Bibliography: Binelli Sandro, Mille Miglia's Chassis - The Ultimate Opus Volume Iii , Automotive Masterpieces Srl, Genova 2023
5th June 2023
Event: Finarte Online Auction: Collector Cars
5th June 2023
Bibliography: Unknown author, Finarte Auction: Collector Cars , Finarte Auctions S.r.l., n.p. 2023
27th November 2023
Bibliography: Unknown author, Finarte Auction: Automobili Da Collezione , Finarte Auctions S.r.l., n.p. 2023
4th December 2023
Record: Sold by Private Selection Finarte 2023
From 4th December 2023
to currently
Owner: Unknown