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1948 Siata Fiat Fenocchio 750 Spider Corsa

Chassis no. 133748
Engine no. 133748
Coachbuilder Carozzeria Bresciana


Aldo Leoni was an engineer at Siata. His most famous project was the "Cucciolo", a 50 c.c. engine that could be applied to any bicycles. The first engineering project right after the war, it was a big success and was producted by Ducati. As a designer in Siata collaborated to most projects, in 1948, given the limits for the derivations from the Topolino engine, he designed a new engine, a DOHC completely made of aluminum. Then worked at Fiat with Dante Giacosa. From 1957, in Mirafiori, he was head of the Car Engine Office.

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