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1958 Maserati TIPO 420/M/58 Eldorado

Chassis no. 4203
Engine no. TBD
Coachbuilder Carrozzeria Fantuzzi


The Indianapolis 500 is an automobile race of the United States of America, born in 1911. It takes place on Memorial Day weekend on the oval circuit of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The first edition was won by Ray Harroun aboard a Marmon Wasp, the most recent (held on May 29, 2022) by the Swedish Marcus Ericsson. The importance of this race for American motoring is such that the single-seater cars participating in the American series (aesthetically similar to Formula 1, but with many technical differences) are often called IndyCars and the championship in which it is inserted, the most important in North America, it bears the name of IndyCar Series.

We'll tell the story of this event on the occasion of its anniversary or when it will reach a sufficient number of cars.

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