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1953 Fiat 8V ZAGATO

Chassis no. 106.000026
Engine no. 104.000031
Coachbuilder Zagato


Current Body

From  September 1956

Coachbuilder  Zagato

Colour  White

Wheels type  Wire

Height  1290 mm

Lenghth  4060 mm

Number of doors  2

Number of spare wheels  1

Number of wheels  4

Type of body  Fastback coupe

Tyres Front size  165 x 400

Tyres Rear size  165 x 400

Unladen weight  930 kg

Wheels Front size  5K x 15

Wheels Rear size  5K x 15

Width  1500 mm

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Historical Body

From  13th May 1953

Coachbuilder  Carrozzerie Speciali Fiat

Designer  Rapi Luigi Fabio

Type of body  Fastback coupe